Smoke Free For 20 Days

I have tried to stop smoking for a long time, “A VERY LONG TIME” I tried the patch gum and even the pills nothing worked, I’ve been smoking since I was 10 years old I am now 58 your product has kept me cigarette free for the last 20 days and what I love the most about iut is that even when friends light up I grab my nuvo cig and there smoking doesn’t bother me at at all. I just want to thank the person or persons who came up with this idea I would love to shake their hands and thank them for giving me back my life, THANK YOU ~John B.


No More Chewing Tobacco

I have chewed tobacco and smoked since college and just seem to not be able to stop dipping, despite my wife’s constant nagging. She hates the smell, taste, and those nasty spit cups in the car and house. My wife bought me a NuvoCig Disposible Electronic Cigarette for me to try and I can’t believe how much I enjoy it! I now can get the same nicotine buzz as I did before, but now there is no smell, taste, or dip cups. Thanks NuvoCig. Me and my wife are both happy! Thank You NuvoCig! ~ Mike

On My Way To Quit Smoking

I’m 32 years old and was a pack and a half smoker a day since I was 17. I have tried the nicotine gum, the patch, Chatix, Cold Turkey and even have dipped my filters in bitter apple to be able to quit smoking. I was desperate to quit…. I am now using the Nuvo Cig cigarette and have cut my smoking down to 4 cigarettes a day and am well on my way to me being a non smoker. I love the product and is amazing. Thank you. ~Sherianne A.

Can Smoke Inside

I bought your product and I am using it to wean myself off smoking. So far its working I am not smoking as much as I used to and I can do it INSIDE. That’s greatest thing about it, I can “SMOKE” inside! Thank You for liberating me! ~ Eric B.

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