What to Consider when Choosing e-Liquid

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There are two main factors to consider when choosing e-liquid: flavor and strength. It’s important to find just the right type of e-liquid in order to have a satisfying vaping experience. As with food, trying new e-liquid flavors can be enjoyable. It’s good to be exposed to different taste possibilities so that you know what you find enjoyable and can switch it up from time to time. Changing e-liquid flavors is a small shift that can make a big difference in your day, and being sure to keep the appropriate nicotine level ensures vapers that they’re vaping in the most satisfying way possible.


E-liquid flavors:

With the wide range of e-liquid flavors available, choosing one that’s right for you can be difficult. When experimenting with new flavors, it’s always best to make sure to keep in stock some of the old flavors that are guaranteed to be enjoyable, as it would be unfortunate to be stuck without any other option for however long it takes to order new cartomizers should the new flavor be unpalatable.

New vapers might have a hard time switching if their e-cigarettes don’t taste like tobacco, so starting with a full-flavor or menthol-style e-cigarette is usually ideal. As the sense of taste is restored/ heightened, most vapers find the array of flavors enticing. Generally, the most enjoyable flavors can be guessed based on those that sound the most appealing to the individual. However, many vaping shops and mall kiosks allow potential customers to sample flavors they’re interested in before investing in their product. If your trusted e-cigarette distributor is online exclusively, or you’re not in range of their walk-in store, it might be a good idea to try flavors at a kiosk or store near you that are similar to those provided by your preferred e-cigarette vendor in order to get a sense for the flavor.

Once an appealing flavor is identified, consumers can take advantage of bulk discounts from many distributors. Nuvocig, for instance, offers a reduction of 30% per package when 5 packages are purchased at once. The savings Nuvocig offers increase according to the number of packs bought together.


Choosing nicotine strength

Nicotine strength is an important choice for vapers. Too little nicotine can lead to less satisfying vapes, which can cause you to feel the need to vape more than you’d like, meaning cartomizers won’t last as long and you’ll have to order them more often. Too much nicotine can be overwhelming; the throat hit can be too strong, and the vaper could feel light-headed and dizzy. Unfiltered cigarettes correspond to the highest nicotine strength in e-liquid, and ultra-lights correspond to the lowest. No-nicotine options are available as well, when you feel ready to be free from nicotine altogether. Many vapers enjoy flavor options so much, and are so taken with vaping that they continue to use the product without nicotine. It allows them to fulfill the social and tactile functions that vaping (and at one time, smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes) fulfilled for them in the past, without the chemical addiction.

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