Traveling With E-Cigs

Traveling is an activity that everyone tends to enjoy, particularly during the summer time. Smokers may encounter some difficulties while traveling depending on where and how they are traveling. Tightened airport security as well as various states changing their laws regarding public smoking of cigarettes have led to issues for certain smokers who enjoy traveling. NuvoCig offers some attractive products that can help ease tensions on your next traveling adventure. Vacations are designed to be relaxing and fun and NuvoCig can help your travels stay that way.

Smoking Laws- Smoking laws vary by state and for international travelers can vary by country as well. Although the United States has some of the stricter laws regarding public smoking, it is always wise to check in on any local laws when traveling internationally as well. In many states including New York it is illegal to smoke traditional cigarettes in certain areas, including bars, restaurants, and other public places. Many beaches in the New York area also do not allow smoking, although this varies by location elsewhere. With NuvoCig many of these public smoking laws or regulations are no longer an issue. Although it is not guaranteed that every indoor bar or restaurant will allow you to use your NuvoCig, you are more likely to be allowed to use your e-cigarette without having to stand outside or exit your location.

Traveling- Traveling can be tricky. If you are traveling by airplane NuvoCig has compiled a list of airports that allow e-cigarettes. You can find this blog post and list here. When traveling by automobile and by train the laws regarding carrying e-cigs are much more lenient. It is always important to check your local laws since everyplace is different, but generally speaking you will have no issues carrying e-cigarettes on trains, a bus, or in your automobile.

Packing- Packing can be tricky as well. You will want to store your e-cig in a safe compartment where it is unlikely to get lost or damaged, but you may also want to have easy access to it. Fortunately you can accomplish both as NuvoCig offers a great kit that can ensure that your e-cigs travel with you safely. You can learn more about NuvoCig kits here. The NuvoCig kits can help you pack your e-cigs in any type of bag or suitcase, depending on your personal preferences.


In conclusion there are a lot of things to keep in mind when traveling with e-cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes aren’t allowed everywhere, generally speaking you may have better luck traveling with e-cigarettes than with traditional cigarettes. NuvoCig e-cig kits are designed to make traveling with your e-cigs in a safe and secure manner as easy as possible. Be sure to check them out in more detail on the NuvoCig website found here.

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