Starter Kits vs. Disposables: Choosing the Right Electronic Smoking Device

We all want our first time vaping to be special. For your first time trying a NuvoCig electronic cigarette, the key to making the magic happen is finding the right first e-cig for you. With a choice between disposable electronic cigarettes for the timid, and a variety of starter kits for the future e-cig connoisseur, we can make everyone’s first experience perfect.

If you’re not sure about the e-cig experience and just want a sample, NuvoCig offers the best disposable electronic cigarette on the market.

  • The NuvoCig Disposable Electronic Cigarette is ready to smoke right out of the package, no assembly or special accessories needed.
  • It comes in two of the premier flavors- normal tobacco and cool menthol- so you get the perfect classic experience.
  • What really sets Nuvo apart from the rest though is that these disposable cigarettes last as long as three full packs of regular cigarettes, so you absolutely get the full, complete e-cig experience. Disposable samples from our leading competitors are only equal to about half a regular pack, but our revolutionary technology has raised the bar.

If you’re going to try your first electronic cigarette, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

For the sure smoker though, a starter kit might be the better investment right out of the gate. NuvoCig offers a range of different kits to suit your exact needs.

  • The standard NuvoCig Customized Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit includes your NuvoCig electronic cigarette, your choice of charger types, your choice of battery colors, and a five-pack of cartomizers, in over twenty strength and flavor combinations. To view our other kits, click here.
  • In short, everything you need to keep your new NuvoCig charged and ready to last through over ten packs’ worth of cigarettes.
  • The basic starter kit alone is not only a better invest than buying ten regular cigarette packs right from the start, but you get to keep the NuvoCig e-cig forever!

Even more exciting though, NuvoCig offers special upgrades to the standard starter kit, to get the most enjoyment possible out of your new e-cigarette. Options like a USB charger or bigger battery can help tailor the NuvoCig to your lifestyle. The Commuter Kit, in particular, is specially designed for the smoker always on the road. And for the ladies, the standard kit also comes in a Just For Her style, complete with stylish carrying case.

If you really want to treat yourself, or perhaps share the gift of NuvoCig with someone else, we would recommend the following:

  • The special Deluxe Kit comes with everything you need, plus an extra pack of cartomizers, an extra battery, and a cell phone-style charger, for full convenience.
  • The Deluxe Kit also comes in a Just For Her variety as well, and as a special offer, NuvoCig is offering a couples package, with everything you need for you both to enjoy the e-cigarette experience together.
  • The Deluxe Kit Plus includes everything from the Deluxe Kit, plus an extra pack of cartomizers, to try another exciting flavor!
  • Finally, the Premium Deluxe Kit is the grandest package of all, including three packs of cartomizers, a high-volt battery, a charger for every situation, and a stylish carrying case in your choice of colors.

With a disposable pack size or a starter kit for every situation, NuvoCig has the vaping devices you want! When it comes to choosing your first electronic cigarette, we want your first choice to be one to remember.

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