Smoking a Cigar vs. an E-Cigar

Cigars are a classic, masculine and a relaxing treat. So, why don’t we see more people smoking them more often? The answer is simple. They’re a little too high maintenance for everyday enjoyment. A good cigar needs to be rolled well, without lumps or tears in the casing. It needs to be lit the right way the first time so as to ensure an even burn. It needs to be puffed at a consistent rate so that it doesn’t burn too fast or burn out. A typical cigar could burn anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour, and should be put out once it gets to be about two inches.

While cigars are enjoyable, people don’t always want to go through the nuisance. For those people, there’s the e-cigar. The e-cigar looks and tastes like a regular cigar, with added convenience. With the e-cigar, you simply puff to savor the taste. There is no lighting necessary. Your inhalation activates the vapor. With e-cigars, you can puff when and where you want for as long or little as you want. Traditional cigars will go stale quickly once they burn out and relighting them ruins their taste.

E-cigars are reusable and disposable. You don’t have to light an entire cigar and puff it a handful of times then throw it away and waste it. E-cigars have a two year shelf life and provide roughly 1,800 puffs! Lastly, the e-cigar does not come with the smell of cold tobacco. You can puff in your home without having to change the upholsteries afterwards. Cigars will always be a classic but for the times when you just want that rich flavor without the fuss, e-cigars are your answer.

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