We Scored 9/10 on License to Vape!

Wow! License to Vape gave our Nuvo Deluxe Starter Kit and Ultimate Battery a 9/10. As one of the largest internet electronic cigarette review sites, they pride themselves on being honest and unbiased with their readers. So why won’t you want to read unfiltered reviews of brands they believe are worth trying? Like they say “if it ain’t on our site, it ain’t worth vaping!” We guess NuvoCig is worth vaping! Due to their comprehensive reviews and ranking system, we hope all e-cig users make the most informed decisions when it comes purchasing the best ecig for themselves, family, and friends!

How did we get a 9/10 for our kit? Well, we received a 9/10 for the vapor and throat hit of our ecig, a 9/10 for battery and hardware, 7/10 for price, 10/10 for flavors, and 10/10 for warranty and customer service. We hit high marks for all their criteria’s! You can read the full review by clicking here.

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