Reasons Why More People Are Switching to E-Cigs

Are you wondering what all the e-cig buzz is about?

You may be reading about electronic cigarettes in the news. From New York to California and places in-between, more and more people in the United States are entering the smoke-free world of vaping. Electronic cigarettes are attracting new users and advocates every day, creating a growing phenomenon with legions of fans. So why are people making the switch to e-cigs? Here are some of the most popular reasons:

Fresh air. People who choose electronic cigarettes can breathe with greater ease. E-cigs do not produce irritating, harmful smoke. The e-cig vapor byproduct will not hang thickly in the air like that tenacious, permeating smoke from burning tobacco. This is breath of fresh air not only for people who use electronic cigarettes, but also for those around them. And at home, there is no need to step outside to keep the smoke from creeping into and ruining the smell of fabrics.

Healthier. E-cigs are healthier compared to normal cigarettes. Our Nuvo electronic cigarettes stimulate the pleasure of smoking and are a safer alternative to nicotine intake by producing harmless and odorless vapor. This makes it is safe for you and those around you!

No clean-up. E-cigarette users are happy to say good-bye to tobacco waste. No ashtrays, no stale butts, the e-cig is clutter-free. Vapers do not have to worry about finding a suitable place to dispose of cigarette butts and other waste materials that result from spent tobacco.

No fire hazard. Unfortunately, many fires are started by cigarettes, both in the home in and in public places such as parks. Because there is no flame involved in using electronic cigarettes, they do not pose the fire hazard that traditional tobacco cigarettes do. People who vape instead of smoke can enjoy their e-cigs without the burden of starting a cigarette-related fire.

No tobacco stains. We have to admit, vanity does play a role in the e-cig choice. Smoking tobacco can discolor the teeth, making a lovely smile lackluster. Electronic cigarettes do not have the staining agents that tobacco does. This is excellent news for those who want to maintain a bright smile. Not only that, e-cigs will not ruin your breath. When compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigs are more smile-friendly.

Simple economics. The cost of cigarettes has skyrocketed, especially in states that impose a high tobacco tax. Depending on where you live, a pack of cigarettes can cost $5-$12 a pack, potentially translating into a hefty monthly tobacco cigarette budget. Some smokers spend thousands of dollars a year on tobacco cigarettes! E-cigs are far more cost-effective. Puff-wise, a pack of Nuvocig cartomizers (about $20) equals about ten packs of traditional cigarettes (about $50-$120). That means more money in the pocket at the end of the month.

New social attitude. For people who smoke, e-cigs can be a fun, sociable way to replace the traditional tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarette specialty shops and vaping lounges are popping up in cities, creating new opportunities to meet people and cultivating a new social attitude. These vape-friendly establishments are being frequented by people who enjoy the flavorful pleasures of electronic cigarettes.

These are just a few of the reasons people have made the Nuvocig switch! Are you an e-cig proponent? What inspired you to make the change?

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