Why Almost All Non-Smokers Like Electronic Cigarettes

For those who smoke, the switch to electronic cigarettes can signal in a significant lifestyle change. No longer bound to tobacco cigarettes, people who vape enjoy greater freedom and the numerous benefits of a smoke-free life. But what do non-smokers think about e-cigs? For many non-smokers, electronic cigarettes are a welcome, non-offensive alternative to tobacco smoking. Here are some reasons why almost all non-smokers like electronic cigarettes:

Non-smokers appreciate the elimination of smoke.

Very few people— smokers and non-smokers alike—would argue against smoke-free environments. We have grown accustomed to tobacco smoking bans in restaurants, bars, airports, and public buildings. And with good reason. It is a well-established fact that non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke encounter the same potential health risks as smokers, including cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. Because it is a known environmental irritant and a stealth carrier of harmful side effects, second-hand smoke tops many people’s lists of reasons why they support smoking restrictions in public places.

Non-smokers also complain that the smell of smoke can be intrusive, creating stale-smelling clothes and upholstery. We all know that tenacious stale smoke scent that clings to hair and clothes. When a non-smoker is surrounded by a friend or acquaintance who smokes, the smell can creep over like an uninvited guest.

Between the health concerns and the odor, the divide between non-smoker and smoker has become wide. With electronic cigarettes, the smoke factor is a non-factor. People who use e-cigs do not have to worry about the imposition of blowing smoke and non-smokers do not have to stand at an uncomfortable distance while a friend vapes. Instead, the conversation can continue when the electronic cigarette comes out.

Non-smokers are pleased to say goodbye to the ashy waste tobacco cigarettes produce.

For non-smokers, seeing ash and butts littering the ground is a visual displeasure—especially when the we are enjoying the beach, having a picnic, or taking in the scenery on a hike. The improper disposal of cigarette filters accounts for a significant portion of trash. In fact, cigarette butts account for up to 33% of litter in the United States and a whopping 28% of washed up litter on beaches worldwide. Electronic cigarettes do not burn, so they are not spent in the same way as a traditional tobacco cigarette. The most popular e-cigs are rechargeable devices, meant to be used over and over. As e-cigs grown in popularity, recycling initiatives for cartridges and batteries are catching on.

Non-smokers like the reduced risk of fire and other hazards.

Unfortunately, traditional tobacco cigarettes are a leading cause of fires globally. For those who have family members that smoke in the home, the possibility of an accidental fire can be anxiety-producing. And for anybody who has witnessed the devastation of a fire caused by the embers of a burning cigarette, the experience of a preventable tragedy is lasting. With e-cigs, non-smokers do not have to be on edge about anything burning.

Today, non-smokers are suggesting e-cigs to friends or family members who would like an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. For those who would like a way to monitor their nicotine intake, an e-cig is becoming the device of choice. Non-smokers will applaud the loss of smoke, smell, and fire hazard!

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