A Look Inside: Nuvo E-Cigars

If you are a cigar aficionado and have been following the electronic cigarette trend, you probably will be pleased to know that quality electronic cigars have entered the growing market of vaping products. The NuvoCig electronic cigar, or e-cigar, is our latest addition to the NuvoCig product line of vaping technology. The NuvoCig e-cigar offers cigar connoisseurs the superb sensation of smoking cigars, without the smell and nuisance of smoke. The e-cigar is a great change of pace!

How does the NuvoCig e-cigar work?

In principle, Nuvo e-cigars work just like Nuvo e-cigs. To understand how the Nuv e-cigar provides a powerful alternative to traditional tobacco smoking, it may be helpful to look at the basic anatomy of vaping devices. There are two main components to both vaping products: the battery body and the cartomizer tip.

Battery body: Both the e-cigarette and e-cigar mimic the smoking experience. And both devices rely on a battery and a liquid-filled cartridge to produce the vapor by-product that so famously characterizes the “non-smoking smoking experience.” When you inhale, the battery of your electronic vaping device is activated. The battery powers a reaction that transforms the liquid in the cartridge—a small, filter-sized vaporizing unit called the cartomizer—into a vapor that you can inhale.

Vapor-producing cigar-flavored cartomizer: Enhanced with flavor, the cartomizers for both NuvoCig e-cigarettes and e-cigars provide a unique burst of taste. The Nuvocig e-cigar e-liquid has been specially formulated to appeal to even the most discerning tobacco cigar enthusiast. Because NuvoCig recognizes that subtleties of taste and aroma define the quality of a tobacco cigar, NuvoCig has developed a signature rich aromatic blend for its e-cigar. The full-bodied taste is reminiscent of the pleasurable flavor of a genuine hand-rolled cigar. When you inhale, you can savor the e-cigar’s robust essence, just as you would a tobacco cigar counterpart. The thick, but quickly dissipating vapor creates a cigar-smoking atmosphere, without the irritants.

Slender design: Slim and authentic-looking, the NuvoCig e-cigar looks and feels like a slim tobacco cigar right down to the detail. The brown casing of the NuvoCig e-cigar has the look of an actual leaf-wrapped cigar. When you inhale, the LED tip lights up and resembles the lighted tip of a traditional tobacco cigar. The incredible physical likeness to real cigars is nothing short of impressive. With its slim design, specially crafted NuvoCig e-cigar is easy to hold and handle.

Like Nuvo e-cigs, Nuvo e-cigars are affordable, easy to use, and are ready at any time. This makes the Nuvo e-cigar a convenient way to enjoy the e-cigar vaping experience. The NuvoCig e-cigar comes in two versions: Original and Premium Rich Aromatic Blend. Both versions contain the distinctive Nuvo e-cigar flavor. The only difference between the two types is longevity. The original version lasts about 500 puffs, while the premium version can deliver about 1,000 puffs.

So if you are a cigar smoker and have been curious about the vaping trend, it may be time to try the slim NuvoCig e-cigar!

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