A History Lesson On Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have actually been around for a lot longer than most people realize. The initial concept of electronic cigarettes was originally conceived in the 1960s. When the preliminary idea was introduced, the thought of an electronic cigarette seemed far fetched. At that point in time, people did not have the same knowledge about the risks associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. Smoking was the norm and there were no bans on smoking in public in the United States. Below is a timeline showing the progression of electronic cigarettes over the years.



  • 1963: Herbert A. Gilbert becomes the first person ever recorded to present the idea for an electronic smoking device, and subsequently patents it.


  • 2003: A Chinese pharmacist and smoker Han Lik decides to develop a basic version of what will become the modern electronic cigarette, motivated by the loss of his father to lung cancer. His idea transformed smoking in many countries throughout Europe and Asia.


  • 2007: Electronic cigarettes make their primary debut in the American market.


  • 2008: A New Zealand study was published that showed that electronic cigarettes did not contain toxic levels of questionable chemicals. This all took place during the debates of whether or not the World Health Organization (WHO) would speak about the health facts related to electronic cigarettes.


  • 2009: Electronic cigarettes first started being targeted by federal regulators. The FDA prohibited the importation of electronic cigarettes into the United States. Various lawsuits defending the product were eventually brought on.


  • Late 2009: New Jersey bans electronic cigarettes in public.


  • 2013: Electronic cigarette use in the United States continues to increase in popularity.


  • 2015: More people are switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes in the United States than ever before.

Although there was a big time lapse between the initial electronic cigarette concept and the first contemporary prototype, electronic cigarettes have made tremendous changes and progress over just a short period of time. As the trend continues, more smokers of traditional cigarettes are considering switching or supplementing with electronic cigarettes. NuvoCig can help you try something new and move into the world of electronic cigarettes. To learn more, check out www.NuvoCig.com

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