Say Goodbye to Kissing Ashtrays

If you’ve ever kissed a smoker you know exactly what taste you’ll have in your mouth afterwards. If he or she had a cigarette recently, the aftertaste is bitter and your partner’s mouth will contain tar as well as a host of toxins released while a traditional tobacco cigarette is burning.

There was a popular advertisement several years ago that stated “Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray”. The taste you unfortunately acquire during and after kissing someone who has just smoked a cigarette is not a pleasant one for most people. For smokers who have non-smoker partners, this can be a particularly unpleasant experience. Smoking is one of the biggest turnoffs for many people looking to date because of the taste and smell that can coincide with smoking traditional cigarettes. Often, “cigarette breath” can be annoying even if you only talk to a smoker. Being close and kissing someone is supposed to be an intimate, joyful act. Smokers sometimes suffer from rejection because of their smell and taste. This can have a lifelong effect on a potential relationship.

Uncomfortable Conversations

Awkwardness for the partner is something that many smokers tend to forget about. Although many smokers are aware of their potential unpleasant breath, there are still countless others who think gum or the length of time from the last cigarette is long enough to avoid their partner realizing. Being able to bring up to your partner that their breath and their kisses are unpleasant or taste poorly can be an extremely difficult conversation to have. The smoker is likely to become either offended or embarrassed by the conversation and it creates an environment that can ruin the mood after the kissing.

How NuvoCig Can Help

While traditional cigarettes produce tar and smoke, NuvoCig electronic cigarettes emit water vapor, which minimizes the bad aftertaste and does not leave strong smell on your partner’s body or clothes. The fact that NuvoCig comes in many different flavors allows both you and your partner to determine a flavor that you both enjoy and are comfortable with. The different flavors of NuvoCig allow what may have otherwise been an uncomfortable conversation to become easy and fun. Trying different flavors with your partner can be an exciting spark that can lead to an increased level of happiness and excitement in your relationship. As a result NuvoCig can be a great potential alternative to alleviate anxiety around kissing and smoking.

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