How To Give The Best Nuvo E-Cig

Some tobacco cigarette smokers are reluctant to give up what they know and try something new. Why not gift them with an e-cig to introduce them to the idea of switching? E-Cigarettes make a wonderful gift for loved ones because they are thoughtful, affordable and you can choose from a number of options to best fit the smoker in your life.

NuvoCig offers a variety of starter kits and disposable ecigs that each have their own appeal.

Disposable e-cigs are a great gift for the occasional smoker, whether this person is a social smoker or a stress smoker. Many occasional smokers feel guilty smoking because their friends or significant other frown upon their habit. A compromise can be made with e-cigs! NuvoCig offers two types of disposable ecigs: the standard Disposable and the Silver Single. Both options serve as a great introduction to electronic cigarettes.

The Disposable comes in menthol or traditional tobacco flavor, and your choice of nicotine strength. It is the equivalent of three packs of cigarettes. The Disposable lets your loved one try vaping to see if he / she likes the feeling. There is no commitment with it; once the battery dies, your giftee can either give up electronic cigarettes or continue to love them!

The Silver Single is a rechargeable electronic cigarette. There is more variety with the Silver Single as the cartomizers can be replaced. This gives your loved one the ability to sample NuvoCig’s different flavors and decide which ones he / she likes best. The charger is not included; you can either purchase it separately for your loved one or let him / her decide whether he / she wants to continue smoking e-cigs when the time comes.

The starter kits are perfect for someone who has talked about switching to ecigs but just hasn’t taken the initiative to do so. Maybe this person has tried ecigs before and likes them but just isn’t sure which brand to get. All of NuvoCig’s starter kits come with a NuvoCig e-cigarette, chargers, batteries, and a five-pack of cartomizers. With a starter kit you are providing your loved one with a foundation. From there, he / she will only need to replace the battery and cartomizer packs every once in a while. Each battery offers 1 to 1.5 hours of vaping, and can be charged 300 times before the battery needs to replaced. That equates to 450 hours of vaping at just $11.99 a battery! NuvoCig starter kits are thoughtful, affordable, and easy to maintain. You can be sure that this isn’t a gift your loved one stops using once the battery or cartomizers run out.

If the special person in your life is already a happy NuvoCig smoker, gift him / her with a new set of cartomizers! You can choose from a combination of no nicotine to high nicotine levels as well as exotic flavors. The fun flavors include coffee, cappucino, lychee, apple, blueberry and even brandy!

With so much variety, NuvoCig have something for everyone! Explore the website for the perfect gift of vaping!

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