How Electronic Cigarettes Can Save You Money

At the end of the day, we all want to keep some extra money in our pockets. You have bills to pay, places to go, things to buy. And if you’re smoking, a NuvoCig electronic cigarette is the absolute best way to save that money!

The average price for a pack of regular cigarettes in the United States is over six dollars now. It might not sound like a lot for a pack a day, but after a month that’s almost two hundred dollars you’re spending on cigarettes or over two thousand dollars every year! And that’s just if you’re in an average-priced state. In some parts of the country, a pack of cigarettes costs more than double that, because of state taxes. Could you imagine spending four thousand dollars a year to smoke? What else could you be doing with all that money?

Thankfully, this is where NuvoCig comes in. The basic NuvoCig starter kit costs forty dollars and includes one five-pack of cartomizers, or just over ten packs worth of cigarettes. Yes, ten packs for forty dollars, that’s just four bucks each, already cheaper than an average pack of smokes. And that’s not even counting the cost of the e-cig itself! Two weeks worth of smoking and you’ve already saved money!

But the real question- how does that money add up over time? How much are you really saving? Well, NuvoCig cartomizers are sold in packs of five, and each is good for just over ten packs worth of cigarettes. If you’re smoking about a pack a day, you’re buying about thirty packs, which will cost you about two hundred dollars a month, depending on where you live. If you’re just refilling a cartomizer though, a single five-pack will last you all month and halfway into next month too, for a mere twenty bucks. That’s about twelve dollars a month to keep your e-cig lit, versus two hundred for regular cigarettes, plus you get your choice of flavors! How do you pass that up?

Best of all, you can save even more by buying cartomizers in bulk. Buying five packs at once (twenty-five total) will cost you just sixteen bucks each, or eighty dollars in total, and will last for most of the year. Add in the free cartomizers that come with a starter kit, and that will cover about the entire year. To pay for that much in cigarettes would cost over two thousand dollars in an average state, and could be a whole lot more in some places.

So ask yourself, can you afford to spend two grand on something that you could get for just a hundred and fifty bucks instead? Even if you could, do you want to? Think of all the other fun you could have with that money, then go ahead and check out NuvoCig Starter Kits and see what fits your lifestyle. Go ahead, you deserve it!

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