Electronic Cigarettes Boost Quitting Success

Studies have shown that smokers who switch from standard cigarettes to electronic cigarettes have a higher success rate of quitting than those who use nicotine patches or gum to quit. This can be attributed to the fact that while all three products contain nicotine, only e-cigarettes enable users to go through the actual motions of smoking. Since users are puffing what looks like a cigarette, they feel as if they are actually smoking, whereas the gum and the patch deliver nicotine into the bloodstream but fail to cater to the physical habit of putting a cigarette to the lips and puffing.

With NuvoCigs, users can still physically smoke and get the amount of nicotine their bodies are used to. Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes that makes them so hard to quit, and it is the substance your body craves after having smoked for an extended amount of time. Each cigarette contains a fixed amount of nicotine, approximately 9mgs. Users inhale the same amount of nicotine each time they smoke a cigarette from start to finish. Some smokers often don’t finish the entire cigarette, which causes them to run out sooner and replace their packs more often. Other smokers may not want to finish the whole cigarette but see it as a waste so they finish it, which causes them to inhale more tar and do more harm to their lungs. Still worse are chain smokers, who don’t feel one cigarette is enough. They may end up smoking two or more cigarettes in a row, inhaling a substantial amount of tar and toxins.

The tars and toxins in traditional cigarettes are released when burning tobacco is inhaled. NuvoCig is different because they do not use any tobacco. Users inhale liquid nicotine and they can choose the amount of nicotine they intake. NuvoCig offers five different cartomizer strengths, with varying levels of nicotine. With this method, smokers can start with a higher level of nicotine and gradually decrease their intake of nicotine. The nicotine is carried into the lungs via water vapor as opposed to tar and smoke, making inhalation safer. Also, e-cigs allow the user to take as many or as few puffs as they wish at any given moment. This spreads out the amount of puffs users take because there is no pressure to finish before the e-cig burns out. Users can pace themselves which may also decrease their frequency of puffs when compared to regular cigarettes.

Smokers can also use NuvoCig in conjunction with regular cigarettes if they feel they must wean themselves off slowly and adjust to the transition. With this method, users can still fluctuate between the regular cigarettes they’re used to, and e-cigs, the healthier alternative. This makes it easier for smokers to quit because they don’t feel as if they are doing it cold-turkey or cutting down too much too soon. Whether you are a smoker who wants to quit, or simply wants to transition to a healthier alternative, NuvoCigs could be your answer. Take the first step with one of NuvoCig’s many starter kits.

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