Electronic Cigarettes at the Airport

Regulation of electronic cigarettes is still in the works so it can be difficult to know where you shouldn’t vape, especially when traveling. Airports are highly guarded and rules are strict. Can you take your e-cigarette on a flight? Can you smoke it in the terminal? Due to the lack of federal regulation on e-cigs, airports are divided on the subject of allowing their use. The only rule set in stone is that they are banned from use on flights. Some airports treat e-cigs like traditional cigarettes and ban their use other than in a designated smoking room. As of now, the following airports allow you to smoke e-cigs in the airport:

  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • Dulles International Airport
  • McCarren International Airport
  • Miami International Airport
  • Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • Ronald Reagan International Airport
  • Tampa International Airport

If you are in one of those airports, feel free to vape in the terminal! If you are not, don’t fret. Airports do change their rules. Some airports may allow e-cig smoking in certain terminals. If you’re not sure, ask an authority. It’s always better to be cautious at an airport. In the same token, the above listed airports’ rules are also subject to change so you should always double check before vaping.

Whether your airport allows vaping in the open or only in the smoking room, electronic cigarettes are still a better option than cigarettes. If you must sit through a long flight, the last thing you want is to smell like cigarettes. You’re 10,000 ft above ground. The smell has nowhere to escape to. It will just stay in your clothes and surround you and your neighbor. Be a good sport, smoke e-cigs instead and smell like yourself, not an ashtray.

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