What Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Strength Should I Get?

Nuvo offers electronic cigarette cartomizers in five different levels of nicotine. Which one is right for you? Let’s take a look.

  • Super High (36 mg of nicotine): For the strongest sensation
  • High (24 mg): The smoker’s first choice
  • Medium (18 mg): The first step to overcoming your cravings
  • Light (12 mg): The light taste of the flavor
  • Very Light (6 mg): The lightest, if you want just a taste
  • Non-Nicotine (0 mg): Clean and clear

A High-nicotine cartomizer gives about the same amount of nicotine in each puff as a regular cigarette, and contains almost as much total nicotine as a regular pack of cigarettes. A High cartomizer will probably be the best way for smokers who are used to smoking up to a pack a day of regular cigarettes to satisfy their usual nicotine cravings. For first-time Nuvo users, you might want to try a variety of different strengths to decide which one feels right for you, and this is the most popular place to start.

For a stronger sensation, the Super High cartomizer packs the punch you’re looking for. People who are used to smoking more than a pack a day can match their nicotine cravings with the Super High level. It’s also a good choice for people who smoke less frequently, and want to pack as much punch into those few puffs as possible.

If you’re trying to break a smoking habit though, a Medium cartomizer might be your first step. One of the best things about NuvoCig is the option to control your nicotine intake and with NuvoCig e-cigs, not only are you taking less nicotine, but you’re also keeping yourself free of the tar and chemicals in regular cigarettes.

Light cartomizers are the choice for light smokers. Only smoke “light” cigarettes? This is the one for you. Only smoke socially? This is the one for you. Only smoke when drinking (as so many do)? You’ll want the Light choice. It’s the best way to get just a hint of that nicotine fix, without indulging too much. Light cartomizers are also a great choice for people who smoke constantly throughout the day, so you can pace your smoking evenly all day long or a great final step to those who want to quit altogether.

And for those not looking for nicotine at all, NuvoCig offers a special non-nicotine cartomizer. With all the unique flavors NuvoCig offers, the experience is as satisfying as ever. For former smokers, this offers the comfort and sensation of smoking, without any of the addiction. If you just want a fun time, want to relax, or just want to look stylish with a fashionable e-cigarette, definitely give the nicotine-free cartomizer a try.

No matter what you want from your e-cigarette experience, NuvoCig can deliver. For everyone, from the lifetime smoker, to the social even smoker, to the “just a little taste” crowd, NuvoCig has what you need!

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