Electronic Cigarette Dictionary / Lingo

What exactly is vaping? And why is it called that? If you are new to the electronic cigarette or e-cig world, you may be trying to wrap your head around all the terms. Indeed, as more people are opting for e-cig alternative, an entirely new lingo is emerging. To help orient you, here is an e-cig dictionary of terms.

Cartridge / Flavor Cartridge

NuvoCig rechargeable e cigs have two components, a replaceable cartridge and a battery. The replaceable cartridge contains a flavored e-liquid (see below) that produces a vapor. When the cartridge is empty, all you have to do is twist it off and twist on a refill. One NuvoCig cartridge can last for hundreds of puffs.


Cartomizer refers to a single component that contains both the e-liquid cartridge and the atomizer (cartridge + atomizer = cartomizer). The atomizer converts the e-liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled. Some e-cigarette models have separate cartridge and atomizer components. With NuvoCig cartomizers, both are contained in one convenient unit.


Disposable NuvoCig e-cigs are the convenient on-the-go option. Disposables contain the battery, atomizer, and e-liquid in a single unit. No assembly is required and you do not have to replace the cartridges. A disposable e-cig lasts about 500 puffs and can be discarded once it is finished.

Electronic Cigarette / E-Cig

Electronic cigarettes are smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes. Powered by battery, e-cigs convert a flavored nicotine liquid to an inhalable vapor. No matches, no lighter, no smoke. NuvoCig e-cigs are made of lightweight metal and glowing LED tips, which come in a variety of colors.


E-Liquid also known as smoke juice or e-juice is the vapor-producing liquid contained in the cartridges of ecigs. A mixture of water, flavoring, and nicotine, e-liquid vaporizes when heated by the battery. When you puff, the battery is activated, and you can then inhale the flavored nicotine vapor. From traditional tobacco to cherry to Atomic Fireball, NuvoCig e-liquids come in a variety flavors. You can also choose the strength of nicotine—or go completely nicotine-free.

Rechargeable E-Cigs

A rechargeable e-cig contains a reusable battery that can be recharged with a wall adapter or USB adaptor. With NuvoCig long-lasting rechargeable e-cigs, only the cartridges need to be replaced. Rechargeable e-cigs are an increasingly popular choice for consumers, giving them a flexible and economic nicotine alternative.


Vaping refers to the electronic cigarette simulation of traditional cigarette smoking. Although the enjoying an e-cig mimics the sensation of smoking, it is not the same as smoking. This is because an e cigarette does not produce smoke, it produces an inhalable vapor. Vaping, a new, more accurate term was coined to make this distinction. Somebody who uses e-cigs is a person who “vapes.”

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