Not All E-Cigs Are Created Equal

New electronic cigarette brands are popping up everywhere, but are they really equal?

Electronic cigarettes are the latest innovation for adults seeking an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. As more and more companies are rapidly entering the burgeoning market, you may be overwhelmed by the selection of different brands. And, as you might suspect, not all electronic cigarettes are created equal. To ensure you are buying a high quality e-cig, we suggest doing some product evaluation before purchase. Here are some questions you may want to consider before you vape:

  • Where is the electronic cigarette brand sold? Online purchasing is highly economical, but the more reputable electronic cigarettes are also sold in retail outlets. E-cigs that are sold in retail environments are held to higher standards than those sold exclusively online. If an electronic cigarette brand is only sold through limited channels, you should be cautious.
  • Does the e-cigarette brand have adequate product documentation? You should be able to easily access information about product safety, quality control, and any user guides. If you are left with questions or concerns about how to use the product, you should be able contact a customer service representative.
  • Does the e-cig company provide information about the e-liquid, including the constituent ingredients? The e-liquid, which is contained in the cartridge, is the most important part of the electronic cigarette experience. It is the element that is transformed to the inhalable vapor that delivers the flavored throat hit. Constituent ingredients and the level of nicotine should be readily available. NuvoCig water-based e-liquid contains propylene glycerol, food-grade flavors, and nicotine. Nicotine-free e-liquid is also available.
  • Is the electronic cigarette manufactured with standards controls? Unfortunately, some electronic cigarettes are hacked together, or are modified devices. Mods, as they are called, are not subject to the fabrication standards that are in place for the production of quality electronic cigarette devices. To ensure safety and proper functioning of an e-cig, all components of the e-cigarette should be manufactured to work together, as a single device. If replacements to original components are made, the product cannot be guaranteed.
  • Does the company have good customer service? Excellent customer care can set one electronic cigarette brand apart from the others. As people make the switch to electronic cigarettes, outstanding customer service is especially important. When you call customer service, your questions should be answered by knowledgeable customer care professionals who can provide the latest information about product use and safety. If you encounter a problem with the e-cig product, you should feel confident that the product warranties will be upheld.

Once you are confident that the product is safe, you should then consider the vaping experience. For those who vape, it is important to find the e-cigarette product that gives the most pleasurable non-smoking moment.

  • How does the e-cig feel in your hands?
  • Do you like the flavors that are available?
  • Does it produce a satisfying vapor?
  • Is the battery durable and long-lasting?

Your choice of e-cig should be an informed one. Make sure that the e-cig product adheres to the strictest manufacturing standards and that the e-liquid is not a mysterious brew. You should feel comfortable about the vapor you inhale.

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