E-Cigs and Corporate Smoking Policies

Smoking while at the workplace has been an issue for many in recent years. As many states and corporate offices place bans on smoking on corporate or public areas many traditional smokers find themselves in tough situations when in need of a smoke break. For companies that do not allow smoking on their premises smokers must drive or walk away from the corporate grounds before lighting up their cigarette. For many this is only possible during their lunch break or by having to sneak around and leave without anyone noticing. Traditional smokers seem to be having their rights taken away from them on a regular basis, but for those looking for an alternative NuvoCig e-cigarettes may be a worthwhile consideration.

When it comes down to smoke breaks generally speaking NuvoCig is going to be much more convenient in my opinion. With traditional cigarettes you would have to leave the building and stand outside at the minimum and in some workplaces you’d have to leave the corporate premises altogether. NuvoCig produces only water vapor which means that many employers may allow you to enjoy your e-cigarets without even having to leave your desk. Imagine not having to get sidetracked or distracted with your work by having to leave your desk throughout the day. Productivity for workers could increase significantly by allowing e-cigarettes to be smoked in the office, as there is no longer a necessary “smoke break”. Standing outside in the cold for your smoke break may no longer be necessary, making things more convenient for the user as well.

Besides the potential for increased productivity the no second hand smoke effect of using NuvoCig e-cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes is huge. The primary reason that offices do not want smokers in or around their corporate offices or in public places is because of the harmfulness of inhaling second hand smoke. Since NuvoCig e-cigarettes do not produce the same type of second hand smoke, many places do allow it even when among other people. It is important however to check the rules of your particular state and workplace before assuming it is safe to use your NuvoCig.

Regulations around this is going to vary by employer and by state. Although some employers have chosen to allow e-cigarettes in the office other employers have ruled against them. Walmart has limited e-cigarette use to only designated smoking areas, McDonalds has banned them in their corporate owned stores but leaves their franchisee owned stores up to the owner. Starbucks and CVS as examples do not allow smoking on their premises at all. Despite all the companies mentioned that may not be in favor of e-cigarettes, it is worth speaking with your company about being able to use your NuvoCig to help reduce your amount of breaks and increase your productivity at work.

In conclusion I believe employers could potentially consider offering incentives for employees who want to supplement or use NuvoCig as an alternative. If companies are able to decrease their amount of money spent on smoke breaks by keeping people at their desks working, it may be worth it for them to consider allowing e-cigarettes at their offices. If you want to try out NuvoCig or if your employer allows it, you can see NuvoCig kits here. As always be sure to check with your local laws and employer regulations before using your NuvoCig.

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