E-Cigs Banned from Checked Bags on Planes

If you have flown recently, you have probably heard announcements in the airport about making sure there are no lithium batteries or electronic cigarettes in your checked bag. This is because a new ruling by the U.S. Department of Transportation states that any battery powered portable electronic smoking devices cannot be stored in a checked bag. In addition to this restriction, electronic cigarette batteries or devices can no longer be charged inside the plane. The reasoning behind these new restrictions is safety.

New studies have shown that battery powered devices in the storage area of the plane where the checked bagged are held can cause fire risks. A study by the U.S. Fire Administration reported 25 incidents of fires or explosions due to this cause ranging from 2009 to 2014. There seems to be an issue with the proximity of the lithium batteries and electronic cigarettes to the internal components of the plane that causes an issue.

If you are planning to travel with e-cigarettes, you must keep them in your carry-on bag or in your pockets. Despite being able to carry them with you, you cannot use them while you are on the plane. A recent article from the Los Angeles Times details this information very clearly. There have been some incidents that have occurred at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) that have caused some additional concern for passengers with electronic cigarettes in recent months.

A checked bag that arrived late to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in January this year caught fire in the luggage area due to an overheated e-cigarette packed inside. This is the exact type of danger that the U.S. Department of Transportation Safety is trying to avoid.

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