E-Cigarette Safety: Safe in More Ways than One

When discussions of e-cigarette safety take place, they usually concern the health of the individual “vaper” (since e-cigs don’t produce smoke, the term “smoker” is a misnomer). This, naturally, is the first question surrounding the safety of e-cigarettes. While individual health is an important element in a responsible answer, there are other aspects to consider: are e-cigarettes safe for my family? Are they safe for the environment? Will they be conducive to a better social life? When these questions are answered, a truer, bigger picture of electronic cigarette safety shows itself.

E-Cigarettes and Your Health

Vapers who decide to consume e-cigarette liquid with nicotine added will experience the usual side-effects of that drug: primarily temporary blood pressure and heart rate changes and neurological effects that could be both positive (increased focus) or negative (lightheadedness). Thankfully, e-cigarettes allow the amount of nicotine intake to be controlled so that the user can establish their optimal amount. Looking at the contents of e-juices, the safety of e-cig devices is relatively clear when compared to the contents of traditional cigarettes. However, some products, particularly those which are mass-produced abroad, come with a slight risk of additional trace ingredients that could be harmful. The studies that have tested this indicate that harmful trace chemicals are quite rare.


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Friends, Family, Relationships

The secondhand “smoke” produced by e-cigarettes is anything but. Rather, it is exhaled water vapor, which will have a mild smell and is many magnitudes less complex and harmful than secondhand smoke from tobacco cigarettes. A vaper’s breath is unaffected by their e-cig, as are their clothes, and the inside of their homes. On dates, at family outings, when socializing, a vaper is easier to spend time around. Many smokers with children or non-smoking spouses and friends have a difficult choice to make when faced with road trips or other time spent together in a small space: do they light up in the car and risk the health of their loved ones, or sacrifice efficiency by making smoke break pit stops? With e-cigarettes, this is no longer a concern; not only do e-cigarettes make you and the space around you healthier, they’ll improve your social life as well!


Environmental Safety

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Fire: Smoking is one of the largest causes of house fires in the United States. Most start in the bedroom or living room, and certain household furnishings that are particularly flammable, like curtains, tend to allow the fire to spread more quickly. Cigarette butts can also start forest fires when the wooded areas are dry due to drought or natural aridity. The chemicals in cigarette butts pollute waterways, and filters are not easily broken down in nature. The amount of paper used in cigarette production is very high as well. In this article, we took a more in-depth look at the environmental impact of cigarettes and the increased sustainability that’s possible with e-cigarettes.

Safety Concerns

Like any electronic, battery-operated device, there are some risks with e-cigarettes. Misuse of the battery, particularly if it’s punctured, dropped, or otherwise mishandled, or if paired with the wrong charging source, can cause dangerous malfunctions. As with any other product, there’s also a risk of malfunction due to a production error; these events are unfortunate and infrequent, and in order to prevent their occurrence reading manufacturers’ instructions and ensuring device compatibility is always the best choice.

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