Get the most out of your cartomizer & e-cig!

A lot of customers contact us and ask how they can make sure each cartomizer lasts as long as possible. Nuvo’s cartomizers contain twice as much e-liquid as our largest competitor! Follow these tips to maximize your experience with our cartomizers:


E-cig Cartomizer care

  • The cartomizer should be “primed” to get a better vaping experience. To do this, inhale four to five times at five to ten second intervals after attaching a new cartomizer to your battery. This allows e-juice to saturate the area around the coil, allowing heat to spread throughout the length of the coil in order to provide a better hit.

  • Be sure to avoid shaking or dropping cartomizers, as the e-liquid inside could potentially spill out. For the same reason, cartomizers are best stored horizontally. When not in use/ before using a cartomizer, be sure to keep it in a sealed container, as prolonged exposure to air can dull the flavor over time.

  • Try to replace the rubber cap on the cartomizer when you don’t vape.

  • Keep the cartomizer away from heat, which can cause evaporation of the e-liquid. Try not to place your e-cig in tight clothing to avoid friction and long exposure to body heat.

  • To extend the life of the cartomizer, take shorter inhales; less juice is used per puff and it will be consumed more efficiently. Avoid directly exhaling through a cartomizer; make a habit of moving the e-cig away from your lips before exhaling. Repeated exhales through the cartomizer can allow moisture to saturate the battery, making it more likely to malfunction.

A quick note on e-juice and safety

Because nicotine is a transdermal chemical, it is readily absorbed by the skin. E-liquid rarely spills from pre-filled cartomizers in quantities that would be harmful, but should a spill occur be careful to avoid skin contact. This is a bigger concern with higher-concentration e-liquids and self-mixed e-liquids (which, generally, should be left to the professionals).

Battery Maintenance

Here you can find an extended guide to battery maintenance. It’s good practice to rotate between two batteries, since the more frequently they’re used the more effective they become. Before first use, it’s recommended that a batter be charged for eight hours. This can increase the battery’s life and efficiency. Also remember to unscrew the cartomizer and the battery during long periods of disuse, and to keep the battery in a clean place away from strong magnets. Again, don’t let the battery die completely before switching them out. As the battery gets low on power, the efficiency of the vaporizing component might decrease as well; which is why stronger batteries tend to give “bigger” hits.


Like most electronic devices, remember to keep cords from fraying and breaking by storing them unbent. Always remember the USB adapter and battery when they’re plugged into the computer (particularly laptops) so that they’re not accidentally snapped off and damaged. Vapor caps can enhance a cartomizer’s flavor and prevent vapor from entering the battery, as well as allowing a user to share their e-cigarette more easily.

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