What E-Cig Flavors are the Most Appealing?

NuvoCig has one of the largest selections of e-cig flavors in the industry. The flavor comes from the cartomizer, which also contains the liquid nicotine. Users can choose the flavor as well as the nicotine level they prefer.

Some people who transition from traditional cigarettes appreciate the taste of tobacco. NuvoCigs do not contain any actual tobacco, but does offer tobacco flavored cartomizers which come in both traditional tobacco and menthol. These cartomizers are perfect for smokers who enjoy the taste of tobacco and feel that the flavor contributes to their smoking experience.

For those who wish to try sweet and fruity or spicy and savory flavors, NuvoCig has an abundance of options.

Aside from tobacco flavors, NuvoCig also offers: apple, blueberry, brandy, cappuccino, champagne, cherry, cinnamon, coffee, grape, lemon lime, lychee, mango, peach, pear, pina colada, spearmint, strawberry, watermelon, whiskey and vanilla flavored cartomizers.

The fruity flavors smell and taste sweet. They are perfect for individuals who enjoy a crisp, candy-like taste on the palette. The savory flavors such as brandy, cappuccino, vanilla and whiskey, are ideal for those who prefer a stronger taste and like to be more adventurous with their palettes. With the liquor inspired flavors, users can experience what it’s like to drink and smoke at the same time, without having an actual drink or cigarette!

NuvoCig offers over 50 different flavor and nicotine level combinations. With so many options, it can be hard to choose just one flavor. That’s why NuvoCig offers combination packs. And because cartomizers are replaceable, you don’t even have to finish one cartomizer before you start another one. You can rotate flavors all day if you feel like it! Have a cappuccino flavor in the morning, a fruit flavor after dinner, and a whiskey flavor when you’re out on the town! The options are endless.

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