Cost of NuvoCig Vs Regular Cigarettes

It is no secret that the cost of smoking can be quite high and is certainly not a cheap habit to have. In higher taxed states such as New York the cost of smoking can be particularly expensive. The cost of cigarettes in New York are of the highest in the nation, and other similarly high taxed states can also be quite expensive. When comparing the cost of traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes living in a high taxed state can help make the comparison a no-brainer.

NuvoCig offers electronic cigarette kits that are reusable and can be cheaper than traditional cigarettes over the long term. The NuvoCig e-cigarette kits come in a variety of options and prices, all of which can be found here. A pack of traditional cigarettes in New York can run well over $10 a pack as the taxes in New York are extremely high on cigarettes. Some of the e-cigarette kits at NuvoCig start as low as $39.99 and can last significantly longer than a pack of traditional cigarettes making the overall cost cheaper long term.

NuvoCig also offers disposable electronic cigarettes which can be found here. Disposable e-cigarettes start just $11.99 and are available in four packs for a discounted price of $39.99.

When it comes down to taxes generally speaking traditional taxes are going to be taxed higher than NuvoCig e-cigarettes. Taxes vary by state, but for high taxed states like New York, California, and others the cost savings for electronic cigarettes can be substantial over time. You can purchase NuvoCig online through the website regardless of where you live, which offers a huge advantage for those living in New York and elsewhere.

Low tax states can save money too by using e-cigarettes, it isn’t reserved for just high taxed residents. Even in a low state tax area traditional cigarettes can be costly and rechargeable and reusable e-cigarettes can be a cost saving alternative. Trying out e-cigarettes as an alternative to your typical traditional cigarette smoking routine can be a worthwhile and fun trial.

For anyone looking to lead a financially successful life having a positive monthly cash flow on a regular basis is extremely important and a foundation to any successful financial life. By supplementing with e-cigarettes or using them as an alternative there is significant opportunities to reduce monthly smoking costs and increase monthly cash flow. By exchanging some or all of your traditional cigarette use for some e-cigarettes the savings can add up over time. Looking into some NuvoCig electronic cigarettes is definitely a wise move for those looking to increase their monthly cash flow, stick to a monthly budget, and also enjoy the benefits and pleasure of enjoying a electronic cigarette.

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