10 Things You Will Notice After Making the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

Most of us know the health benefits of quitting smoking. But are you wondering how the electronic cigarette alternative can help change and improve your daily life? Here are 10 things that you can look forward to after making the switch to vaping:

  1. More Energy: When you switch to e-cigs, your body will undergo a detoxification. Tobacco cigarettes contain numerous additives and chemicals. When burned, they create more than 4,000 chemicals that load the body with unnecessary toxins. Lethargy, lack of motivation, and other symptoms can result. E-cigs do not contain the additives tobacco does. Your body will not keep all those extra energy-sapping tobacco toxins in its reserves.
  2. Easier Breathing: Smoking tobacco cigarettes compromises lung function. Inhaling smoke reduces lung capacity and can lead to significant breathing problems. With e-cigs, your lungs will not be weighted down by smoke. After you have made the switch to electronic cigarettes, bounding up that flight of stairs might just get a little easier.
  3. Greater Control: The electronic cigarette alternative is a great way to monitor your own nicotine intake. NuvoCig cartomizers come in a variety of flavors—and nicotine levels—putting you in the driver’s seat. From high nicotine to zero nicotine content, NuvoCig e-cigs offer you a way to control and taper down if you wish.
  4. Fresher Breath: After smoking a tobacco cigarette, it is hard to disguise the stale breath. Even with mints and chewing gum, the mouth still carries that distinct aftertaste. With electronic cigarettes, you do not have to worry about that embarrassing breath—the vapor of e-cigs does not hang around and leave a residual coating in your mouth. In fact, the flavored NuvoCig cartridges may leave you with fresher breath!
  5. Social Benefits: Smoking a tobacco cigarette means you have to duck out to have that smoke. With electronic cigarettes, you will not be blowing smoke, so your social options will be broader—giving you more freedom to stay for the hilarious details of your friend’s story.
  6. No Tobacco Smell in Hair: Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, so you don’t have to worry that your hair or clothes will absorb traces of smoke. You won’t have to ’air out’ after enjoying an electronic cigarette.
  7. A Return of the Senses: Smoking tobacco products can dull your senses of taste and smell. With the switch to electronic cigarettes, food will be more flavorful and smells more noticeable. You may even remember why your favorite dish is really your favorite.
  8. More Money in the Pocket: Tobacco cigarettes are expensive, costing some smokers thousands of dollars a year. Electronic cigarettes and refillable cartridges can be purchased for a fraction of the price, even when you consider the initial investment of buying a vaping system set up. After switching to e-cigs, you will see big savings that will give a boost your monthly budget.
  9. Healthier Skin: Smoking, like overexposure to the sun, can accelerate the signs of aging and give the skin a grey hue. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, which reduces oxygen in the skin. Less oxygen contributes to less healthy and resilient skin. Because electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, people who vape do not inhale oxygen-depleting carbon monoxide. That´s good news for the skin!
  10. An Overall Sense of Well-Being: Cutting down on smoking—or quitting altogether—is a major undertaking. People who make the switch to e-cigs often report feeling an incredible sense of accomplishment. The rewards of a smoke-free lifestyle—from more money in the bank to better respiratory health—all add up to increased confidence.
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