Dangers of Smoking Tobacco – E-Cigarette Alternatives

Nicotiana tabacum, better known as cultivated tobacco, is the main plant species used in making cigarettes, cigars and other smokeable tobacco products. The plant contains numerous phytochemicals, the most prominent of which is nicotine. It binds with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the body and leads to the release of dopamine and serotonin, among other neurochemicals. The release of these two organic chemicals work as neurotransmitters and are responsible for the feelings of pleasure and happiness, which helps to explain why tobacco is one of the most addictive and hard to quit substances known to man.

Second hand smoke – the most argued social danger of tobacco
Smoking tobacco imposes a lot of dangers – both social and health related. One of the most argued social dangers associated with smoking tobacco is second-hand smoke – a mixture of smoke from the burning end of the cigarette, that lingers in the air hours after the cigarette has been extinguished. Inhaling second-hand smoke can cause adverse health effects when done on a regular basis. Studies show that non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke either at home or work increase their risk of developing tobacco-related health issues.

Another major social issue related to smoking that does not get as much coverage – primarily because the public is so preoccupied with second hand smoke – is residential fires. In fact, a recent study from the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at the University of California suggests that smoking tobacco is the leading cause of both residential fires as well as fire related deaths. Continue reading “Dangers of Smoking Tobacco – E-Cigarette Alternatives” »

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Nuvo is an electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes simulate the sensation of smoking without the negative side effects of traditional cigarettes. Nicotine is vaporized into an aerosol mist, giving the user the sensation of smoking without the harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes.

Nuvo provides smokers with the freedom to smoke anywhere. You can use Nuvo in conjunction with traditional cigarettes in areas that are under smoking bans, or where others could be exposed to second hand smoke. So whether you’re looking to quit smoking entirely, or just want to expand your smoking options, Nuvo is your solution. To find out more about electronic cigarettes, click here.