Why E-Cigs Are Better Than Traditional Cigarettes

Scientists, researchers and politicians are constantly debating the content of electronic cigarettes in comparison to traditional tobacco cigarettes. While much of the research remains consistent in stating that electronic cigarettes can be less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes, more studies are still ongoing. Recently a new British study came out that had some interesting results that favored the use of electronic or “e-cigarettes” over traditional cigarettes.

The study showed that smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes will dramatically reduce their exposure to air pollutants including carbon monoxide and acrolein, even if they only switch to using electronic cigarettes part time as a supplement to their traditional cigarette use. The study was conducted by researchers who gave 40 smokers access to e-cigarettes. After four weeks, users who used only e-cigarettes had a 80% drop in exposure to both air pollutants mentioned previously. Those who used a combination of electronic and traditional cigarettes saw a 52% decline in exposure to the same pollutants. These numbers all come from a study published by the Cancer Prevention Research Association in Britain.

This decrease in carbon monoxide inhaled from common cigarette smoke can have huge health effects for users. If carbon monoxide is consistently inhaled the amount of oxygen carried in red blood cells will decrease over time. This can also lead to the hardening of the arteries, which can lead to heart disease and strokes. As most people are aware, these harmful pollutants can also lead to lung disease and other serious illnesses.

This study does nothing but add to the already fairly strong evidence that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than traditional cigarettes, according to a source quoted in the article. NuvoCig offers a variety of electronic cigarettes for those who want to test this new study themselves.

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E-Cigarettes vs Botox

In the news out of Vancouver Washington there was a recent story about a woman who claimed she was able to reduce her smoking habit by the use of Botox. Does Botox really decrease the need to use cigarettes? Turns out not necessarily.

The reason the woman was able to reduce her intake of cigarettes after using Botox because she was actually physically unable to put the cigarette in her mouth. The Botox she was receiving was on each side of her upper lip, which then made that area almost completely unusable. In other words, her lips were completely paralyzed by the injections, so she was unable to close her lips around a cigarette and puff normally. The woman recommends it for those who are trying to reduce their smoking habit as she says she’s begun to save a tremendous amount of money by no longer smoking.

Despite her “successful” case, this is simply no way to reduce your smoking habit. Botox is definitely not for everyone and the purpose of Botox has nothing to do with quitting smoking. Although she may have been successful at numbing her mouth and therefore making it difficult to smoke, electronic cigarettes are a much better option as an alternative to cigarettes.

Botox is expensive on its own, so whatever money she thinks she is saving on cigarettes is being spent on the Botox. Although you could argue she may have wanted to get the Botox anyway, it is still unnecessary to continue to get Botox just for the purpose of reducing her cigarette intake.

Electronic cigarettes are a safer, less costly alternative to reducing your traditional tobacco cigarette intake. For those who do not want Botox, do not trust the safety of Botox, or for those who cannot afford Botox, electronic cigarettes are a much better option. Electronic cigarettes do not contain many of the chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, and they also are much more cost effective in the long run. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes, skip the Botox and check out e-cigarettes instead.

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New Model Developed To Predict Nicotine Levels

A new study was recently released that displayed some interesting information about electronic cigarettes and their nicotine content. The study was completed by the VCU Center for the Study of Tobacco Products at the Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center. The result of the study was that researchers can now predict with up to 90% accuracy the amount of nicotine emitted by a particular electronic cigarette.

The study determined that the amount of nicotine emitted from a particular e-cigarette was determined by the amount of voltage in the device itself, as well as the strength of the nicotine liquid that is used with the device. This information is crucial to providing e-cig users to best quality product.

The quality of your e-cigarette matters. You should use a reputable company that you can count on for accurate information when selecting where to purchase your electronic cigarettes from. It should also be mentioned that despite electronic cigarettes still having nicotine content, even an electronic cigarette that has high levels of nicotine wouldn’t contain many of the other harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you are using a quality electronic cigarette with nicotine levels lower than traditional cigarettes, you are likely going to have a more pleasurable experience than if you were using traditional tobacco cigarettes. That is why it is extremely important to ensure you are only using quality electronic cigarettes purchased from a reputable e-cig company you can trust. NuvoCig has been in business for years and has served countless customers in fulfilling their electronic cigarette needs.

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Vaping Caffeine

Imagine if the electronic cigarette industry became as large as the coffee or caffeine industry is. Most people would say that would never happen, but trends in the electronic cigarette industry may make that a reality. Instead of getting your morning cup of coffee every morning to help jolt you into going to work, people in the future may be using vaping to get that energy boost. Caffeine Vaping is very real.

Think about the number of people in your office who can’t go a day without having at least one cup of coffee or some type of caffeine source. The coffee and energy drink industries are both huge markets, as millions of people rely on their products every single day.

Caffeine e-cigarettes work the exact same way nicotine or other e-cigarettes NuvoCig sells work. Heat is used to convert chemicals into vapor, which is then inhaled by the consumer’s mouth. Caffeine vaporizers don’t contain nicotine, but instead contain caffeine, guarana, taurine, ginseng and other ingredients commonly found in most energy drinks.

The jury is still out as to whether or not caffeine e-cigarettes are safer or more harmful than a traditional cup of coffee. Bodies may adjust to caffeine being inhaled differently than they do to caffeine being consumed through a drink.

If caffeine e-cigs are studied more and determined to be both safe and effective, the potential for a new sector within the e-cig industry can be huge. Consumers are likely to see significant demand for the product, as it can be so much easier than forcing yourself to drink a coffee every morning. E-Cigs may also be easier for consumers who prefer to consume caffeine throughout the day, rather than just once in the morning. But why wait for caffeine vapes to come out when you can vape coffee or cappuccino flavored e-cigs today!

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What is Vape A Vet?

In the electronic cigarette industry there are often new events, contents, and promotional activities happening among e-cig enthusiasts. As an industry, our consumers are very loyal to the product and enjoy being around other consumers of e-cigarettes. One of the more recent projects and events going on in the electronic cigarette industry is called the “Vape a Vet” program. The goal of the program is to allow activate and retired military personnel to quit the habit of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Smoking traditional cigarettes has been a big habit of many military personnel for countless decades. The “Vape A Vet” project is designed to try and stop this habit from hurting our military veterans and personnel. The project is currently partaking in the “Vaping the Coast” event that is happening in Mobile, Alabama. The “Vape A Vet” program is a non-profit that provides starter kits and care packages to both active and former service members, which ideally will help them quit smoking cigarettes.

Unfortunately a higher percentage of military personnel are traditional cigarette smokers. 36% of U.S. military veterans ages 45-54 years old identified as being a smoker.  Only 24% of that same age group are smokers in the non-military population.

At the even, the “Vape A Vet” starter kit was provided to veterans or active service members at no charge to them. Getting that initial e-cigarette use is hopefully enough to help spark the ability to quit or at least reduce using traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Customizing Your NuvoCig

One of the most fun parts about owning a NuvoCig is the ability to customize the device and make it your own. Having a unique NuvoCig can be a conversation starter at bars, make your friends envious, and make you feel great for having such a cool e-cig to carry with you and use everyday. Fortunately, NuvoCig has a large variety of different accessories to choose from so you can make your e-cig experience truly unique and one of a kind. Your e-cig experience will be enhanced by selecting from different charger options, designer cases, and extra batteries. Express yourself through your NuvoCig! Below are some of my favorite NuvoCig accessories.

Charging Devices- NuvoCig offers a huge variety of different charging accessories for every need. The NuvoCig portable charger is perhaps the most convenient, as is the NuvoCig extra battery. Being able to charge your NuvoCig on the go without any advance notice or preparation is key for many NuvoCig users. NuvoCig also offers a variety of car chargers, USB Chargers, and other available options/

Carrying Case – Of course, if you’re going to be carrying around your extra battery or portable chargers with your e-cigs, you will need a stylish carrying case. NuvoCig offers a carrying case that helps you stay looking fresh without having to sacrifice the convenience of having all your e-cig components in one easy to access location.

Vapor Caps – NuvoCig Vapor caps are one accessory that many other e-cig companies do not offer. Vapor Caps are an extremely important part of having an e-cig, and they are such a low cost accessory that everyone should have one. Vapor Caps allow you to share your NuvoCig with a friend without having to risk spreading germs with each other. Sharing NuvoCig is very common, especially once your friends become envious of your new device. Vapor Caps can also help for those who want a softer tip for their cartomizers.

As you can see, NuvoCig offers a variety of different accessories to choose from. Many of the accessories are a must have for any avid e-cig user. Not to mention our accessories come in a variety of colors to choose from! To learn more about the various flavors, colors, carrying cases, chargers available at NuvoCig, visit www.NuvoCig.com/accessories.html

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Different Types of E-Cigs

A electronic cigarette, more commonly known as an e-cig or an e-cigarette is a battery powered vaporizer that simulates the feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette. The e-cig is activated by the user taking a puff on the device. The device was entered into the market in 2004. Usage has continued to increase in the past 10+ years.

The majority of the reason most people use electronic cigarettes is to avoid or limit use of traditional cigarettes, although some e-cig users are simply recreational. As the use of e-cigs continues to increase significantly, governments around the world are scrambling to research and adapt laws in relation to the new booming business. As of 2014, there were about $7 billion of sales in the electronic cigarette industry.


Types of Electronic Cigarettes

There are several different types of electronic cigarettes out on the marketplace. NuvoCig offers a variety of different products to choose from, depending on what you would like to use to get started.  Below are some examples of different types of NuvoCigs.

1.) E-Cig Starter Kits – E-Cig Starter kits are where most first time e-cig purchasers should start. NuvoCig offers a wide range of e-cig starter kits that have various features. Some starter kits from NuvoCig will include rechargeable batteries and flavor cartridges(cartomizers). There are also entry level USB E-Cigs as well as deluxe e-cig kits that let you be the envy of all your vape friends.

2.) Disposables – Disposables are a different type of e-cigs that are offered by NuvoCig. If you are just getting started and don’t want to commit to the starter kit, disposable electronic cigarettes are a great way to test out NuvoCig. With disposables you do not charge or change your cartomizer, so you are more limited in flavors. Disposable e-cigs come in either traditional tobacco flavor or cool menthol, both of which are high strength.

3.) Cartomizers – As mentioned before, Cartomizers are the flavor cartridges that go in the starter kits NuvoCig sells. NuvoCig sells custom packages  as ell as pre-made packages such as the NuvoCig Clearomizer Standard Kit, the NuvoCig Clearomizer Deluxe Just for Her Kit, among others. Flavors for the cartomizers include tobacco, menthol, apple, blueberry, brandy, cherry, coffee, grape, champagne , lemon line, strawberry, whiskey, watermelon, and many more.


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What is an E-Cigar?

An E-Cigar is a product similar to a electronic cigarette, except it is designed for people who are looking to have a cigar experience. While electronic cigarettes bear some similarities to traditional cigarettes (and also have many key differences), e-cigars are more similar to the traditional cigars. E-Cigars are designed to help give you the same type of flavor you would get with a traditional cigar, but in a electronic form.

How Does It Compare To A Traditional Cigar?

Most people smoke traditional cigars for the flavor, as well as for the social benefits. Being able to enjoy a traditional cigar with some friends and enjoy the flavor is an experience many people like to cherish periodically. Although traditional cigars have always been the smoker’s choice, e-cigars will be the future. E-Cigars allow you to enjoy the same flavor and the same social status and atmosphere that you get with traditional cigars, while avoiding all of the downsides of traditional cigars. While there are countless types of traditional cigars to choose from that make the process overwhelming, e-cigars are relatively straight forward and simple. By using an e-cigar instead of a traditional cigar, you remove the stress out of the selection process.

NuvoCig sells e-cigars that taste just as good as a traditional cigar. A NuvoCig E-Cigar can last up to 1000 puffs!

Benefits of E-Cigars

E-Cigars differ from traditional cigars in many ways. In fact, there are a number of benefits of using a e-cigar instead of a traditional cigar.

1.) Odor.  Traditional cigars produce a odor that is offensive to many people. The odor can ruin your clothes, furniture, house, or your social situation if people need to get away. E-Cigars are odorless and are able to be enjoyed without ruining your clothes or other fabrics that may absorb odor.

2.) Smoke. Traditional cigars produce smoke that is harmful to your lungs, throat, and those around you. E-Cigars do not product smoke that has harmful chemicals in it.

3.) Environment.  Most e-cigars will be allowed in places where maybe traditional cigars would not. In addition to being able to use e-cigars in more places, you will also offend less people and irritate fewer of your surroundings by using a electronic cigar instead of a traditional one.

4.) Cost. Traditional cigars can be expensive and they cause you to literally burn your money. E-Cigars can cost around the same as a traditional cigar, but have the ability to be refilled and can last much longer than a traditional cigar. Traditional cigars also generally have to be enjoyed in just one sitting. E-Cigars can be saved and used later on, by enjoying as much or as little at a time as you choose.

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Dragon Tutorial

The Dragon is one of the best and most commonly performed tricks when using electronic cigarettes. The trick is called the dragon because when the trick is performed, the vapor will come out of your mouth and nose at the same time, resembling the image of a dragon breathing smoke or fire. If you are new to this, don’t worry as electronic cigarettes are easy to get started with. NuvoCig offers convenient Starter Packs for anyone who is just getting started with vaping and isn’t sure where they should begin. Learning the dragon will be a great first step in entering the world of vaping. This is a great trick to use to impress your friends, create conversations, and show off your new NuvoCig electronic cigarettes.


How To Do The Dragon Vaping Trick With A NuvoCig

1.) Learn how to blow the vapor out of your nose. This is generally the easiest part of doing the dragon. Inhaling deep using a NuvoCig that creates a lot of vapor will help.

2.) Develop the skill of being able to blow vapor out of the side of your mouth only. Put your lips together, hold the middle shut and open small holes in the side of your mouth. The smoke needs to come out of the sides of your mouth in order for the vapor to go in the right direction. Some people find using their tongue to steer the vapor helps.

3.) Combine these two skills to blow vapor both out of your nose and out of the side of your mouth at the same time.

4.) Remember that practice Makes Perfect. Working on this move on a consistent basis while looking into a mirror will help make your dragon perfect.

5.)Show off to your friends how you can breathe “fire” like a dragon!

To get started practicing your dragon, checkout NuvoCig Starter Packs and Electronic Cigarette options at the NuvoCig website.

Tips To Make Your E-Cig Last

One of the most common concerns of electronic cigarette users is making sure that they can make their electronic cigarette last as long as possible. Electronic cigarettes operate on both a battery life and the life of the cartomizer or flavor of the electronic cigarette. NuvoCig offers a variety of different options and accessories that can help make your battery last longer, and your flavor continuing for prolonged us. Additionally, there are some steps you can take to make your electronic cigarette last longer.

  1. Correct battery storage is important with electronic cigarettes. Batteries that are left in extreme heat or extremely cold temperatures are less likely to perform optimally. Of course, storing your batteries in a dry, safe place is also important. Damage can occur from water or any type of physical impact to the battery.
  2. Not overcharging your battery can also make a difference in prolonging the lifespan of your e-cigs. Unscrewing the e-cig battery when you are finished charging will make sure you are not overcharging the device, which can damage the battery.
  3. You can also save your battery life by disconnecting the cartomizer from the battery when you are not using your electronic cigarette. This is important particularly if you are not going to be using your device for an extended period of time. When the cartomizer is connected to the battery the power is drained slightly, even if the e-cig is not in use.
  4. Keeping your cartomizer clean can help ensure that your device is running smoothly and prolong the lifespan of your cartomizer. Cartomizers can be cleaned relatively easily using hot tap water to rinse them clean.
  5. Another less common method used by some electronic cigarette users to prolong the life of the cartomizer is to freeze them. After cleaning, freezing a cartomizer gives a new life and first the cartomizer back up.
  6. Always make sure you have a backup. NuvoCig sells backups for cartomizers and batteries. If you have a backup, you can ensure that you never go without your e-cigarette.

Overall, NuvoCig can provide you with a number of options to choose from when building your perfect electronic cigarette package. Using the tips outlined above along with using NuvoCig and NuvoCig accessories is sure to result in a positive electronic cigarette experience that continues on an ongoing basis.