Vaping Is The New Black in NYFW

There is a huge increase in amount of people using electronic cigarettes around the world. As traditional cigarettes continue to decrease in popularity, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and Box Mods sales have increased. Vaping is popular across the board with various age groups, demographics, and communities. Vaping has taken over the business community and now the fashion industry.

Vaping isn’t just a lifestyle choice anymore. It is now a fashion statement. Models and celebrities have been seen using electronic cigarettes all over media. Leonardo DiCaprio has become very famous for his use of electronic cigarettes, which has caused many others to join him. The trend of vaping is continuing to take off, with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

This year at New York Fashion Week, vaping is considered the new black. Fashion companies are adapting and jumping on board the vaping trend. According to an article from , Vaping is the latest accessory to runway looks in New York Fashion Week.

According to the article, Designer Richard Chai gave away vaporizers at his Spring 2016 menswear show in New York. Other chic New York boutiques followed along, joining in on the trend of pairing vaporizers with high fashion. Designer Bumsuk Choi even went as far as sending male models down the runway holding actual vape pens. Vaping has gone from gift bag items at fashion shows, to being a high fashion accessory.

As vaping shifts from a hobby and lifestyle to a luxury item and fashion accessory, NuvoCig will work to keep updated with the latest trends in vaping. NuvoCig has been around for years and has always ensured the needs of its customers are met. If you are interested in learning more about vaping or purchasing some electronic cigarettes for yourself, be sure to visit


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