This Valentine’s Day, Get Your Loved One to Switch!

For anyone in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a very special time of the year. Valentine’s Day allows you an opportunity to remind your partner about the strength and love of your relationship in a fun way. One of the best gifts you can give someone is happiness. In order to enjoy this happiness and enjoy your life in general, being healthy is a must.


Staying healthy and active can be difficult for those who smoke tobacco cigarettes, which have been proven to decay the lungs and cause shortness of breath and decrease lung capacity and function. In addition to causing havoc on your health, traditional cigarettes can damage relationships in many ways.


Traditional cigarettes tend to change the breath of the person smoking it, which can be an unpleasant smell and taste for the non-smoking partner. Cigarette smoke can also create a stale smell that clings to fabrics and lingers on the hair, body, clothes, bed, car, and more. None of these situations are likely to be pleasant or comfortable for the non-smoking partner. Perhaps one of the most noticeable strains on relationships caused by smoking can be the money. Traditional cigarettes have become very expensive, which can add up considerably fast for someone who smokes on a daily basis. Money issues are one of the leading causes of stress and failed relationships.


All of these problems can be simply solved by switching to electronic cigarettes. In addition to eliminating toxic chemicals, you can eliminate all of the odor issues, unpleasant breath issues, and more. Giving your partner electronic cigarettes will benefit both parties and help make your relationship stronger. NuvoCig electronic cigarettes can make great gifts as they make the packages easy for anyone in any situation. For the vaper’s added convenience, we offer customized kits that have everything you need for your e-cigs.


We have designed our Her Standard Kit and Big Battery Kit with the leading lady and gentleman in mind:




NuvoCig Her Standard Kit:

  • Standard Battery (in the color of your choice)

  • Carrying Case (select from our stylish designs)

  • USB Charger (your choice of standard or car adapter)

  • 5 Pack Cartomizer (choose from our wide assortment of flavors)

NuvoCig Big Battery Kit:

  • Premium Battery (choose from the ultimate battery and the multi-color battery)

  • USB Charger (your choice of standard or car adapter)

  • 5 Pack Cartomizer (choose from our wide assortment of flavors)


Do you both want to quit smoking? Having a strong support system is crucial so why not do it together? Take advantage of our Customizable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for Couples. Get a great offer on everything you’ll need in one purchase!


NuvoCig Customizable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit For Couples:

  • Two Batteries (you can each choose from the Standard Battery or the Premium Battery)

  • Two Carrying Cases (select from our stylish designs)

  • Two USB Chargers (your choice of standard or car adapter)

  • Two 5 Pack Cartomizer (choose from our wide assortment of flavors)


Helping move your partner towards a healthier lifestyle is only natural for someone you truly care about. Forget about the “traditional” Valentine’s gifts of chocolate or teddy bears that will just collect dust. NuvoCig has zero calories and can help push your partner towards a happier, healthier lifestyle in more ways than one. For more information be sure check out the links within the text for each kit or visit

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love – love for the health of your own body and that of your partner’s.