New Study Shows E-Cigs Help Millions Quit

A new study has come out that has continued to add evidence to a theory that many people now believe. A study by the Journal Addiction published this month found that the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers has helped 15 million people quit or reduce their traditional tobacco cigarette smoking in the European Union alone. The study recorded responses from over 25,000 participants and concluded that 35% had used electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking, while 32% said they are smoking less as a result of using electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Despite the United States Food and Drug Administration ruling to regulate electronic cigarettes the same as tobacco products, this as well as other studies have shown that electronic cigarettes and vaping can actually help save lives and help reduce the health impact of using traditional tobacco cigarettes.


One of the biggest advantages of electronic cigarettes is the possibility that it can help someone quit conventional cigarette smoking. Before the invention of electronic cigarettes, there were only a few products that were designed to help smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes quit, few of which ever had much success. Although product sales for these treatments were always quite strong, often times smokers would end up back where they started using tobacco cigarettes. Although vaporizers and electronic cigarettes were not specifically invented as a product to help users quit using traditional cigarettes, many studies have shown that vaporizers and electronic cigarettes have had that result on many people. Electronic cigarettes continue to face scrutiny and various studies as they are such a new product, but many believe that they can be the future of the industry, allowing millions of people to quit, or never start smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.


Despite increasing regulation, electronic cigarette sales continue to stay strong. Although the U.S. FDA feels the need to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, consumers remain knowledgeable and able to think on their own which helps drive sales. As consumers realize the benefits of using electronic cigarettes over their conventional tobacco cigarettes, more people will continue to discontinue or reduce using tobacco cigarettes and make the switch to electronic cigarettes. NuvoCig is in the fortunate position to be able to provide products for all stages of electronic cigarette users. NuvoCig offers starter packs that are great for beginners, as well as a variety of other products and accessories for anyone who is interested in vaping or switching to electronic cigarettes. To learn more about NuvoCig products, be sure to visit us at to make your first electronic cigarette purchase.

A Look at the Cost of E-Cigs and Traditional Cigarettes Over Time

Electronic cigarettes have been compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes in many different ways. In addition to the countless potential health and social benefits of using electronic cigarettes rather than traditional tobacco cigarettes, there can be some financial benefits as well. Electronic cigarettes can provide a similar experience for the user, without many of the downsides that come with smoking tobacco cigarettes.

One of the largest strains of being a smoker besides the many negative health effects is the strain that smoking has on your wallet. Monthly cash flow can be seriously impaired for people who smoke on a regular basis, especially for those who may smoke one to two packs of tobacco cigarettes a day. Although the cost of cigarettes varies considerably depending on where you are located, the price of cigarettes can become expensive regardless.


 Cigarettes – What They’re Costing You



Cost Per Pack





New York



National Average




As you can see from the chart above, the average price of a pack of cigarettes can vary considerably by state. The most expensive state in the US for a pack of cigarettes is New York, perhaps not surprisingly for those who live in the state. New York City, where a large percentage of New York’s population resides is particularly expensive for cigarettes. The lowest state average price for a pack of cigarettes is Virginia at $5.25. Regardless of where you live, this type of cost on a daily basis is sure to add up over the course of your lifetime.


NuvoCig can help you save costs while also improving your life. NuvoCig offers a variety of different packages, any of which can save you money regardless of what state you live in. For example, NuvoCig offers a Cartomizer package for only $19.99. This cartomizer package is the equivalent of about 10 packs of traditional cigarettes as it contains 5 replaceable cartridges. For $19.99, you will have an extremely difficult time finding 10 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes anywhere. NuvoCig also can work on bulk orders, so if you purchase larger quantities at a time you will be able to purchase NuvoCig electronic cigarettes for an even lower price per use.


The other area where NuvoCig can save you money over traditional cigarettes is health care costs. Health care costs continue to rise on an annual basis, and NuvoCig doesn’t contain the nasty chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes. Many companies may also charge their employees a medical surcharge if they use tobacco cigarettes, which may not apply to users of electronic cigarettes(company specific).


Overall, you can see there are a lot of benefits of using NuvoCig rather than traditional cigarettes. If the social and potential health benefits outlined in many of the other blogs and on the NuvoCig website aren’t enough, perhaps the drastic change to your cash flow and budget will be enough to spark you to make the switch to NuvoCig. Be sure to check out for more details on the various packages to learn how you can save money and change your life today.


Save Your Hands With Electronic Cigarettes

Using NuvoCig during the cold winter months will be extremely beneficial to your hands. Think about your time as a smoker last winter; going outside in the freezing temperatures to light up your cigarette really wasn’t much fun, was it? Not only was it freezing outside when you had your smoke break, but you had to deal with annoying nuisances when you got out there. Trying to keep the cigarette lit and keep your hands (and the rest of your body) warm took any enjoyment you would have had out of the cigarette break. Fortunately, with NuvoCig you can fix all of the nuisances and go back to enjoying your break.



Benefits of Using NuvoCig in the Winter:


1) No Need to Remove Your Gloves- One of the biggest annoyances with smoking traditional cigarettes in cold weather can be smoking with gloves on. Trying to grip, light, and smoke your cigarette while wearing gloves feels awkward and your attempts are often futile. More often than not, smokers end up removing their gloves and spending their smoke break with numb fingers. With NuvoCig, you can keep your gloves on and your hands toasty.


2) No need to Use A Lighter- Naturally, traditional cigarettes require the use of a lighter. Trying to light a cigarette in freezing temperatures with high speed winds can be extremely frustrating. Not only are you waiting in cold temperatures to try and get the cigarette lit in harsh conditions, but you again have to fumble around with your gloves, making yourself even colder. NuvoCig doesn’t require a lighter, so you’re able to get started right away. Just inhale and vape!


3) No Fire Or Potential Burns- Since there is no need for a lighter, there is no risk of burning your hands or ruining your gloves. Using a lighter in windy conditions can be dangerous and it can be very easy to make a quick mistake that can cost you your gloves or your safety. NuvoCig has no fire involved, alleviating any worries of ruining your gloves or burning your hand.


4) Stay Indoors- One of the biggest advantages of using NuvoCig in the winter is that many places are much more likely to allow you to use it indoors. While almost no locations will allow you to use a traditional cigarette indoors, NuvoCig may be allowed in certain public locations. Being able to stay inside during those harsh winter months is a huge advantage of NuvoCig.



Although NuvoCig has many other advantages, during these winter months taking advantage of your NuvoCig pack instead of your traditional cigarettes will benefit you in all of these ways plus more! NuvoCig can also make a great holiday gift for anyone in your family who may be interested in improving their lifestyle and making some changes in their life. Be sure to check out more of NuvoCigs offerings for the upcoming winter and holiday season at

Camping with NuvoCig

Camping is a great way to undo the stress of the work week and get some rest and relaxation. Camping is an experience many have always enjoyed, as it allows you to take in the great outdoors and experience something new and exciting every time. If you are a smoker, here are a few reasons to switch to a healthier alternative and bring NuvoCig on your next trip:


No Fires: Forest fires are something that we’ve all heard about before, but if it happens it can be a serious issue. By smoking traditional cigarettes in the woods, you are always putting yourself at risk for starting a major forest fire. With NuvoCigs, this risk is diminished completely.


No Odor: When you go camping showers aren’t always readily available. With traditional cigarettes, this could present an even larger problem than usual. The smell from traditional cigarettes can linger in your hair and clothes for days. With NuvoCIg, none of this is an issue as the only scent the electronic cigarettes emit is the e-liquid flavor you use. Even this aroma is a fleeting one and will not cling to you.


Preserving the Scenery: One of the best parts about camping is the view. The beautiful scenery that you are able to take in can be breathtaking. Many people enjoy camping because of the change in scenery from the city life. By using NuvoCig instead of traditional cigarettes you can help keep that scenery beautiful. Cigarette butts will no longer be left throughout the camp site. NuvoCig will not damage the camping site in any way and the view will remain as beautiful as it was when you arrived.


In today’s society however, camping can cause some inconveniences. Many of us are accustomed to using and charging our electronic devices on a constant basis. Running out of battery on any device is a hassle and it’s especially inconvenient when you’re out in the woods. Fortunately, NuvoCig offers various ways to charge your e-cig whether there is an accessible outlet or not.


The convenient Nuvo Power Bank allows you to charge your NuvoCig without an electrical outlet. Simply charge the Nuvo Power Bank before you take it on the go. Your Power Bank will grant you access to a portable supply of power anytime, anywhere. If you plan on making trips to the car, NuvoCig also offers a 2-in-1 car adapter and USB charger. So what are you waiting for? Grab a tent, a sleeping bag, your NuvoCig and portable chargers and have some fun this weekend!