New Study Shows E-Cigs Help Millions Quit

A new study has come out that has continued to add evidence to a theory that many people now believe. A study by the Journal Addiction published this month found that the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers has helped 15 million people quit or reduce their traditional tobacco cigarette smoking in the European Union alone. The study recorded responses from over 25,000 participants and concluded that 35% had used electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking, while 32% said they are smoking less as a result of using electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Despite the United States Food and Drug Administration ruling to regulate electronic cigarettes the same as tobacco products, this as well as other studies have shown that electronic cigarettes and vaping can actually help save lives and help reduce the health impact of using traditional tobacco cigarettes.


One of the biggest advantages of electronic cigarettes is the possibility that it can help someone quit conventional cigarette smoking. Before the invention of electronic cigarettes, there were only a few products that were designed to help smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes quit, few of which ever had much success. Although product sales for these treatments were always quite strong, often times smokers would end up back where they started using tobacco cigarettes. Although vaporizers and electronic cigarettes were not specifically invented as a product to help users quit using traditional cigarettes, many studies have shown that vaporizers and electronic cigarettes have had that result on many people. Electronic cigarettes continue to face scrutiny and various studies as they are such a new product, but many believe that they can be the future of the industry, allowing millions of people to quit, or never start smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.


Despite increasing regulation, electronic cigarette sales continue to stay strong. Although the U.S. FDA feels the need to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, consumers remain knowledgeable and able to think on their own which helps drive sales. As consumers realize the benefits of using electronic cigarettes over their conventional tobacco cigarettes, more people will continue to discontinue or reduce using tobacco cigarettes and make the switch to electronic cigarettes. NuvoCig is in the fortunate position to be able to provide products for all stages of electronic cigarette users. NuvoCig offers starter packs that are great for beginners, as well as a variety of other products and accessories for anyone who is interested in vaping or switching to electronic cigarettes. To learn more about NuvoCig products, be sure to visit us at to make your first electronic cigarette purchase.

The Right Way to Celebrate an Oscar Win

Leonardo DiCaprio finally got the big Oscar win that he has been waiting for and as a company we couldn’t be happier to support a great actor like Leo. Leonardo DiCaprio has a long history with his use of electronic cigarettes and has played a large role in helping to enhance the public image of electronic cigarettes and make them popular among other celebrities. As fans of Leonardo DiCaprio continue to see that he has decided to use electronic cigarettes, more people may be inspired to put down traditional tobacco cigarettes and move towards using electronic vape cigarettes like Leo.

Leo celebrated his big win the other night by using his vape and enjoying a electronic cigarette. TMZ reported the story that Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted using his vape after the show. According to TMZ, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted in West Hollywood with his electronic cigarette and a cocktail after enjoying a meal at the Ago Restaurant. TMZ reported that Leonardo left the restaurant without the Oscar Award he had waited for and worked so hard for. He must have been too relaxed and distracted from using his electronic vape cigarette!

NuvoCig would like to again congratulate Leonardo DiCaprio on his big Oscar win. Leonardo has been an incredible actor throughout his entire career and has been an inspiration to millions of people around the world. We at NuvoCig also have to admit, he certainly knows how to celebrate a big win.

Celebration is something that everyone enjoys, no matter how you decide to celebrate your own life’s achievements. If you are looking to help congratulate someone on their next big life accomplishment, electronic cigarettes can make great gifts! Not only may you potentially help someone reduce their traditional tobacco cigarette use, you’ll also potentially create a fun social environment for the celebration and beyond.

NuvoCig is a great way to celebrate any major accomplishment you may have in your life as well. Electronic cigarettes are a great way to enjoy yourself, relax, and be social. Even if you aren’t yet on Leonardo DiCaprio’s award winning level, NuvoCig can help you enjoy a night out regardless of the accomplishment. is a great resource to use to learn more about NuvoCig electronic cigarettes. offers various starter packs, accessories, and many different kinds of electronic cigarette vape products. Be sure to check out for your next electronic cigarette purchase!

Vaping Is The New Black in NYFW

There is a huge increase in amount of people using electronic cigarettes around the world. As traditional cigarettes continue to decrease in popularity, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and Box Mods sales have increased. Vaping is popular across the board with various age groups, demographics, and communities. Vaping has taken over the business community and now the fashion industry.

Vaping isn’t just a lifestyle choice anymore. It is now a fashion statement. Models and celebrities have been seen using electronic cigarettes all over media. Leonardo DiCaprio has become very famous for his use of electronic cigarettes, which has caused many others to join him. The trend of vaping is continuing to take off, with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

This year at New York Fashion Week, vaping is considered the new black. Fashion companies are adapting and jumping on board the vaping trend. According to an article from , Vaping is the latest accessory to runway looks in New York Fashion Week.

According to the article, Designer Richard Chai gave away vaporizers at his Spring 2016 menswear show in New York. Other chic New York boutiques followed along, joining in on the trend of pairing vaporizers with high fashion. Designer Bumsuk Choi even went as far as sending male models down the runway holding actual vape pens. Vaping has gone from gift bag items at fashion shows, to being a high fashion accessory.

As vaping shifts from a hobby and lifestyle to a luxury item and fashion accessory, NuvoCig will work to keep updated with the latest trends in vaping. NuvoCig has been around for years and has always ensured the needs of its customers are met. If you are interested in learning more about vaping or purchasing some electronic cigarettes for yourself, be sure to visit


Vaping Caffeine

Imagine if the electronic cigarette industry became as large as the coffee or caffeine industry is. Most people would say that would never happen, but trends in the electronic cigarette industry may make that a reality. Instead of getting your morning cup of coffee every morning to help jolt you into going to work, people in the future may be using vaping to get that energy boost. Caffeine Vaping is very real.

Think about the number of people in your office who can’t go a day without having at least one cup of coffee or some type of caffeine source. The coffee and energy drink industries are both huge markets, as millions of people rely on their products every single day.

Caffeine e-cigarettes work the exact same way nicotine or other e-cigarettes NuvoCig sells work. Heat is used to convert chemicals into vapor, which is then inhaled by the consumer’s mouth. Caffeine vaporizers don’t contain nicotine, but instead contain caffeine, guarana, taurine, ginseng and other ingredients commonly found in most energy drinks.

The jury is still out as to whether or not caffeine e-cigarettes are safer or more harmful than a traditional cup of coffee. Bodies may adjust to caffeine being inhaled differently than they do to caffeine being consumed through a drink.

If caffeine e-cigs are studied more and determined to be both safe and effective, the potential for a new sector within the e-cig industry can be huge. Consumers are likely to see significant demand for the product, as it can be so much easier than forcing yourself to drink a coffee every morning. E-Cigs may also be easier for consumers who prefer to consume caffeine throughout the day, rather than just once in the morning. But why wait for caffeine vapes to come out when you can vape coffee or cappuccino flavored e-cigs today!

NuvoCig offers a variety of different e-cigarette products, including many starter kits. If you are looking to learn more about e-cigarettes or get started with your first e-cigarette package, be sure to visit