New Study Shows E-Cigs Help Millions Quit

A new study has come out that has continued to add evidence to a theory that many people now believe. A study by the Journal Addiction published this month found that the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers has helped 15 million people quit or reduce their traditional tobacco cigarette smoking in the European Union alone. The study recorded responses from over 25,000 participants and concluded that 35% had used electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking, while 32% said they are smoking less as a result of using electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Despite the United States Food and Drug Administration ruling to regulate electronic cigarettes the same as tobacco products, this as well as other studies have shown that electronic cigarettes and vaping can actually help save lives and help reduce the health impact of using traditional tobacco cigarettes.


One of the biggest advantages of electronic cigarettes is the possibility that it can help someone quit conventional cigarette smoking. Before the invention of electronic cigarettes, there were only a few products that were designed to help smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes quit, few of which ever had much success. Although product sales for these treatments were always quite strong, often times smokers would end up back where they started using tobacco cigarettes. Although vaporizers and electronic cigarettes were not specifically invented as a product to help users quit using traditional cigarettes, many studies have shown that vaporizers and electronic cigarettes have had that result on many people. Electronic cigarettes continue to face scrutiny and various studies as they are such a new product, but many believe that they can be the future of the industry, allowing millions of people to quit, or never start smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.


Despite increasing regulation, electronic cigarette sales continue to stay strong. Although the U.S. FDA feels the need to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, consumers remain knowledgeable and able to think on their own which helps drive sales. As consumers realize the benefits of using electronic cigarettes over their conventional tobacco cigarettes, more people will continue to discontinue or reduce using tobacco cigarettes and make the switch to electronic cigarettes. NuvoCig is in the fortunate position to be able to provide products for all stages of electronic cigarette users. NuvoCig offers starter packs that are great for beginners, as well as a variety of other products and accessories for anyone who is interested in vaping or switching to electronic cigarettes. To learn more about NuvoCig products, be sure to visit us at to make your first electronic cigarette purchase.

Vaping Is The New Black in NYFW

There is a huge increase in amount of people using electronic cigarettes around the world. As traditional cigarettes continue to decrease in popularity, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and Box Mods sales have increased. Vaping is popular across the board with various age groups, demographics, and communities. Vaping has taken over the business community and now the fashion industry.

Vaping isn’t just a lifestyle choice anymore. It is now a fashion statement. Models and celebrities have been seen using electronic cigarettes all over media. Leonardo DiCaprio has become very famous for his use of electronic cigarettes, which has caused many others to join him. The trend of vaping is continuing to take off, with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

This year at New York Fashion Week, vaping is considered the new black. Fashion companies are adapting and jumping on board the vaping trend. According to an article from , Vaping is the latest accessory to runway looks in New York Fashion Week.

According to the article, Designer Richard Chai gave away vaporizers at his Spring 2016 menswear show in New York. Other chic New York boutiques followed along, joining in on the trend of pairing vaporizers with high fashion. Designer Bumsuk Choi even went as far as sending male models down the runway holding actual vape pens. Vaping has gone from gift bag items at fashion shows, to being a high fashion accessory.

As vaping shifts from a hobby and lifestyle to a luxury item and fashion accessory, NuvoCig will work to keep updated with the latest trends in vaping. NuvoCig has been around for years and has always ensured the needs of its customers are met. If you are interested in learning more about vaping or purchasing some electronic cigarettes for yourself, be sure to visit


Different Types of E-Cigs

A electronic cigarette, more commonly known as an e-cig or an e-cigarette is a battery powered vaporizer that simulates the feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette. The e-cig is activated by the user taking a puff on the device. The device was entered into the market in 2004. Usage has continued to increase in the past 10+ years.

The majority of the reason most people use electronic cigarettes is to avoid or limit use of traditional cigarettes, although some e-cig users are simply recreational. As the use of e-cigs continues to increase significantly, governments around the world are scrambling to research and adapt laws in relation to the new booming business. As of 2014, there were about $7 billion of sales in the electronic cigarette industry.


Types of Electronic Cigarettes

There are several different types of electronic cigarettes out on the marketplace. NuvoCig offers a variety of different products to choose from, depending on what you would like to use to get started.  Below are some examples of different types of NuvoCigs.

1.) E-Cig Starter Kits – E-Cig Starter kits are where most first time e-cig purchasers should start. NuvoCig offers a wide range of e-cig starter kits that have various features. Some starter kits from NuvoCig will include rechargeable batteries and flavor cartridges(cartomizers). There are also entry level USB E-Cigs as well as deluxe e-cig kits that let you be the envy of all your vape friends.

2.) Disposables – Disposables are a different type of e-cigs that are offered by NuvoCig. If you are just getting started and don’t want to commit to the starter kit, disposable electronic cigarettes are a great way to test out NuvoCig. With disposables you do not charge or change your cartomizer, so you are more limited in flavors. Disposable e-cigs come in either traditional tobacco flavor or cool menthol, both of which are high strength.

3.) Cartomizers – As mentioned before, Cartomizers are the flavor cartridges that go in the starter kits NuvoCig sells. NuvoCig sells custom packages  as ell as pre-made packages such as the NuvoCig Clearomizer Standard Kit, the NuvoCig Clearomizer Deluxe Just for Her Kit, among others. Flavors for the cartomizers include tobacco, menthol, apple, blueberry, brandy, cherry, coffee, grape, champagne , lemon line, strawberry, whiskey, watermelon, and many more.


To learn more about electronic cigarettes and to visit the NuvoCig store, be sure to check out NuvoCig offers everything you need to learn about and get started with your new electronic cigarette purchase. NuvoCig also offers e-cigars, e-pipes, and e-hookahs.

Tips To Make Your E-Cig Last

One of the most common concerns of electronic cigarette users is making sure that they can make their electronic cigarette last as long as possible. Electronic cigarettes operate on both a battery life and the life of the cartomizer or flavor of the electronic cigarette. NuvoCig offers a variety of different options and accessories that can help make your battery last longer, and your flavor continuing for prolonged us. Additionally, there are some steps you can take to make your electronic cigarette last longer.

  1. Correct battery storage is important with electronic cigarettes. Batteries that are left in extreme heat or extremely cold temperatures are less likely to perform optimally. Of course, storing your batteries in a dry, safe place is also important. Damage can occur from water or any type of physical impact to the battery.
  2. Not overcharging your battery can also make a difference in prolonging the lifespan of your e-cigs. Unscrewing the e-cig battery when you are finished charging will make sure you are not overcharging the device, which can damage the battery.
  3. You can also save your battery life by disconnecting the cartomizer from the battery when you are not using your electronic cigarette. This is important particularly if you are not going to be using your device for an extended period of time. When the cartomizer is connected to the battery the power is drained slightly, even if the e-cig is not in use.
  4. Keeping your cartomizer clean can help ensure that your device is running smoothly and prolong the lifespan of your cartomizer. Cartomizers can be cleaned relatively easily using hot tap water to rinse them clean.
  5. Another less common method used by some electronic cigarette users to prolong the life of the cartomizer is to freeze them. After cleaning, freezing a cartomizer gives a new life and first the cartomizer back up.
  6. Always make sure you have a backup. NuvoCig sells backups for cartomizers and batteries. If you have a backup, you can ensure that you never go without your e-cigarette.

Overall, NuvoCig can provide you with a number of options to choose from when building your perfect electronic cigarette package. Using the tips outlined above along with using NuvoCig and NuvoCig accessories is sure to result in a positive electronic cigarette experience that continues on an ongoing basis.

Go To The Beach With Nuvo

In most places throughout the United States, smoking on public beaches is prohibited. Politicians will tell you that this is for the safety and well-being of the general public and to avoid the consumption of second hand smoke. For anyone who is a smoker, you understand how enjoyable and relaxing smoking a cigarette on your favorite beach can be. Fortunately, NuvoCig offers some distinct advantages in this area that aren’t found with traditional cigarettes.


Although not universally accepted in all locations, most beaches are more likely to allow the use of electronic cigarettes like NuvoCig, than traditional cigarettes. NuvoCig allows you to experience a similar experience as a traditional cigarette, without disrupting the public or causing any harm to others. Without the second hand smoke, many locations do not see a need to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on public beaches. The ability to smoke on the beach has been restored with electronic cigarettes.


In addition to those two main benefits, there are a number of other benefits to using electronic cigarettes at the beach as well. Electronic cigarettes do not disturb others around you, do not produce second hand smoke, and do not produce ashes or require an ash tray. Electronic cigarettes are not just convenient, but are greener than traditional cigarettes. There is no need to toss out an e-cig like you would a cigarette. Did we also mention that e-cigs are rechargeable too? For portability and convenience, you cannot go wrong with electronic cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes are a great accessory for summer weather. Whether you’re on the beach, at a summer BBQ, or heading out for a picnic, electronic cigarettes can go where you go. With Memorial Day right around the corner and tons of flavor and nicotine combinations, there is no better way to celebrate than with a NuvoCig.


To learn more about the benefits of using electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes, be sure to visit You can get started with NuvoCig and be enjoying a electronic cigarette this summer in no time!

E-Cigarettes Less Addictive Than Cigarettes:

There has been a lot of recent studies that have led to some interesting developments and confirmations in regards to electronic cigarettes versus traditional cigarettes. Penn State recently conducted a study that showed electronic cigarettes are actually less addictive than traditional cigarettes.

Traditional cigarettes have been addicting to its users for a variety of reasons. Although many tend to think the addiction comes only from nicotine, traditional cigarette users are exposing themselves to far more than just nicotine. Traditional cigarettes have hundreds of harmful chemicals within them that damage your body and your overall health. These chemicals are not found in NuvoCig electronic cigarettes.

NuvoCig electronic cigarettes can help you control your nicotine intake and give you control beyond what you may have had otherwise. With NuvoCig you are not only avoiding all those nasty chemicals in traditional cigarettes, but you are controlling the amount of nicotine you intake when you use our electronic cigarettes. Using smokeless electronic cigarettes will help you avoid harmful chemicals and lead to noticeable health benefits.

It has been debated whether electronic cigarettes help traditional cigarette smokers quit. Many studies have agreed that electronic cigarettes can be an effective supplemental tool to help “ween” traditional cigarette smokers off of the product. NuvoCig can be the perfect aid you have been looking for to help reduce or eliminate your smoking. Imagine how much healthier you will feel on a daily basis if you are able to stop smoking traditional cigarettes completely!

As electronic cigarettes continue to become inceasingly popular, more people are realizing the numerous benefits of using electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. In certain demographics, electronic cigarette use is actually outnumbering traditional cigarette usage. NuvoCig can help you join the popular side of the trend.

Overall, NuvoCig electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes. Not only have electronic cigarettes been proven to be less addictive, you’re more likely to enjoy the experience of a NuvoCig over a traditional cigarette. Learn more about NuvoCig electronic cigarettes at

A Look at the Cost of E-Cigs and Traditional Cigarettes Over Time

Electronic cigarettes have been compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes in many different ways. In addition to the countless potential health and social benefits of using electronic cigarettes rather than traditional tobacco cigarettes, there can be some financial benefits as well. Electronic cigarettes can provide a similar experience for the user, without many of the downsides that come with smoking tobacco cigarettes.

One of the largest strains of being a smoker besides the many negative health effects is the strain that smoking has on your wallet. Monthly cash flow can be seriously impaired for people who smoke on a regular basis, especially for those who may smoke one to two packs of tobacco cigarettes a day. Although the cost of cigarettes varies considerably depending on where you are located, the price of cigarettes can become expensive regardless.


 Cigarettes – What They’re Costing You



Cost Per Pack





New York



National Average




As you can see from the chart above, the average price of a pack of cigarettes can vary considerably by state. The most expensive state in the US for a pack of cigarettes is New York, perhaps not surprisingly for those who live in the state. New York City, where a large percentage of New York’s population resides is particularly expensive for cigarettes. The lowest state average price for a pack of cigarettes is Virginia at $5.25. Regardless of where you live, this type of cost on a daily basis is sure to add up over the course of your lifetime.


NuvoCig can help you save costs while also improving your life. NuvoCig offers a variety of different packages, any of which can save you money regardless of what state you live in. For example, NuvoCig offers a Cartomizer package for only $19.99. This cartomizer package is the equivalent of about 10 packs of traditional cigarettes as it contains 5 replaceable cartridges. For $19.99, you will have an extremely difficult time finding 10 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes anywhere. NuvoCig also can work on bulk orders, so if you purchase larger quantities at a time you will be able to purchase NuvoCig electronic cigarettes for an even lower price per use.


The other area where NuvoCig can save you money over traditional cigarettes is health care costs. Health care costs continue to rise on an annual basis, and NuvoCig doesn’t contain the nasty chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes. Many companies may also charge their employees a medical surcharge if they use tobacco cigarettes, which may not apply to users of electronic cigarettes(company specific).


Overall, you can see there are a lot of benefits of using NuvoCig rather than traditional cigarettes. If the social and potential health benefits outlined in many of the other blogs and on the NuvoCig website aren’t enough, perhaps the drastic change to your cash flow and budget will be enough to spark you to make the switch to NuvoCig. Be sure to check out for more details on the various packages to learn how you can save money and change your life today.


BBC Segment Compares E-Cigs and Traditional Cigarettes

Ever since electronic cigarettes were introduced there has been an ongoing debate on how they compare to traditional cigarettes. There has been a tremendous amount of back and forth regarding the health related concerns of electronic cigarettes versus traditional tobacco cigarettes. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently conducted a study on the health effects of traditional cigarettes versus electronic cigarettes.

What the doctors and medical researchers found was quite interesting. Research showed that there were over 4,000 toxic chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Each of these chemicals had the potential to increase a user’s risk for cancer, heart disease, and other serious illnesses.


When they researched electronic cigarettes, they discovered that although the vapor contains nicotine, the amount of chemicals present was far smaller.


The medical researchers were able to put together a number of tests comparing electronic cigarette users with users of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The researchers analyzed the saliva, urine, and breath of all the patient subjects for both user categories. The results showed that levels of both carbon monoxide and acrolein were much lower for those using the electronic cigarettes than those using traditional cigarettes. In fact, they showed that users of electronic cigarettes had similar levels to those of a non-smoker. Carbon Monoxide is best known for being a leading cause of heart disease, while acrolein is best known for causing many different types of cancer. Despite the large differences in the harmful chemicals, nicotine was shown to be roughly the same between the two product types.


Researchers also studied whether or not vaping would affect those sitting in a nearby area. This piece of information would be particularly useful to politicians who are considering banning electronic cigarettes in public places. The research determined that there was no evidence of electronic cigarette vapor having a negative health effect on those nearby.


In the end, medical researchers and academic professors determined that if electronic cigarettes do have health dangers, the danger is likely to be a small fraction of the type of dangers associated with typical tobacco cigarettes. The BBC reporter ended the segment by stating that if he were a smoker of traditional cigarettes, he would give electronic cigarettes a try. NuvoCig makes it easy to get started if you are new to electronic cigarettes. The packs are easy and come in smaller starter trials if you want to try it out. Learn more and view product lines at If you’d like to view the video about the study, click here.

Electronic Cigarettes vs. Cigarettes in a Car

Many smokers enjoy smoking in their car.  Being able to get some stress relief on the drive to or from work or being able to relax while on a long road trip can be a pleasant experience. Although smoking in the car may be an enjoyable experience for you, there are some significant downsides that should be considered.

Those in the Midwest and the East Coast have been experiencing a cold winter and as such, opening your car window may not be something you’ll want to do while driving (especially at higher speeds.) Unfortunately having your window open can sometimes be necessary with traditional cigarettes in order to ventilate the smoke, help reduce secondhand smoke for passengers, and to knock ashes off your cigarette. Temperatures below freezing and sometimes sub zero make opening your window a very unpleasant experience for anyone in the car.


The ashes that come from traditional cigarettes can also cause serious damage to the integrity, design, and aesthetics of your car. Ashes in your ashtray, on your seats or on your floor can also be very unpleasant for passengers in your car and potentially unsanitary to sit in.


Smoking traditional cigarettes will leave a stale, pungent smell in your car, regardless of the style and materials in your car. Both cloth and leather seats will be effected by traditional cigarette smoke, and the smell is likely to linger in the car regardless. This smell can be damaging for a number of reasons. In addition to being an overall unpleasant smell for your passengers and potentially even yourself, the smell can also have additional effects that are often forgotten. Resale value on a car can always be a tough negotiation. If you are trying to sell or trade in a vehicle that has a lingering smell of cigarette smoke, you may deter buyers as that smell is extremely difficult to remove.


Perhaps the most dangerous risk of smoking traditional cigarettes in your car can be second hand smoke for your passengers. The smoke is trapped within the confines of the vehicle’s interior, forcing your passengers to inhale nasty chemicals. For smokers with children, this can be particularly damaging.


Fortunately, electronic cigarettes fix all of these problems. NuvoCig will not cause nasty odors that linger and permanently affect your car’s interior. You will not need to worry about second hand smoke concerns, opening your window during cold weather, or burn marks on your car’s seats. You’ll likely be able to get a higher resale value for the car by being able to market it as a non-smoking car.


For additional convenience, NuvoCig even allows you to charge your electronic cigarette while you’re in the car. The scents in you car can also be customized by selecting the flavor of electronic cigarette you and your passengers would like to enjoy.You can view more on the NuvoCig car chargers here, and the various NuvoCig cartomizer flavors here. View more from NuvoCig at

This Valentine’s Day, Get Your Loved One to Switch!

For anyone in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a very special time of the year. Valentine’s Day allows you an opportunity to remind your partner about the strength and love of your relationship in a fun way. One of the best gifts you can give someone is happiness. In order to enjoy this happiness and enjoy your life in general, being healthy is a must.


Staying healthy and active can be difficult for those who smoke tobacco cigarettes, which have been proven to decay the lungs and cause shortness of breath and decrease lung capacity and function. In addition to causing havoc on your health, traditional cigarettes can damage relationships in many ways.


Traditional cigarettes tend to change the breath of the person smoking it, which can be an unpleasant smell and taste for the non-smoking partner. Cigarette smoke can also create a stale smell that clings to fabrics and lingers on the hair, body, clothes, bed, car, and more. None of these situations are likely to be pleasant or comfortable for the non-smoking partner. Perhaps one of the most noticeable strains on relationships caused by smoking can be the money. Traditional cigarettes have become very expensive, which can add up considerably fast for someone who smokes on a daily basis. Money issues are one of the leading causes of stress and failed relationships.


All of these problems can be simply solved by switching to electronic cigarettes. In addition to eliminating toxic chemicals, you can eliminate all of the odor issues, unpleasant breath issues, and more. Giving your partner electronic cigarettes will benefit both parties and help make your relationship stronger. NuvoCig electronic cigarettes can make great gifts as they make the packages easy for anyone in any situation. For the vaper’s added convenience, we offer customized kits that have everything you need for your e-cigs.


We have designed our Her Standard Kit and Big Battery Kit with the leading lady and gentleman in mind:




NuvoCig Her Standard Kit:

  • Standard Battery (in the color of your choice)

  • Carrying Case (select from our stylish designs)

  • USB Charger (your choice of standard or car adapter)

  • 5 Pack Cartomizer (choose from our wide assortment of flavors)

NuvoCig Big Battery Kit:

  • Premium Battery (choose from the ultimate battery and the multi-color battery)

  • USB Charger (your choice of standard or car adapter)

  • 5 Pack Cartomizer (choose from our wide assortment of flavors)


Do you both want to quit smoking? Having a strong support system is crucial so why not do it together? Take advantage of our Customizable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for Couples. Get a great offer on everything you’ll need in one purchase!


NuvoCig Customizable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit For Couples:

  • Two Batteries (you can each choose from the Standard Battery or the Premium Battery)

  • Two Carrying Cases (select from our stylish designs)

  • Two USB Chargers (your choice of standard or car adapter)

  • Two 5 Pack Cartomizer (choose from our wide assortment of flavors)


Helping move your partner towards a healthier lifestyle is only natural for someone you truly care about. Forget about the “traditional” Valentine’s gifts of chocolate or teddy bears that will just collect dust. NuvoCig has zero calories and can help push your partner towards a happier, healthier lifestyle in more ways than one. For more information be sure check out the links within the text for each kit or visit

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love – love for the health of your own body and that of your partner’s.