New Study Shows E-Cigs Help Millions Quit

A new study has come out that has continued to add evidence to a theory that many people now believe. A study by the Journal Addiction published this month found that the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers has helped 15 million people quit or reduce their traditional tobacco cigarette smoking in the European Union alone. The study recorded responses from over 25,000 participants and concluded that 35% had used electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking, while 32% said they are smoking less as a result of using electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Despite the United States Food and Drug Administration ruling to regulate electronic cigarettes the same as tobacco products, this as well as other studies have shown that electronic cigarettes and vaping can actually help save lives and help reduce the health impact of using traditional tobacco cigarettes.


One of the biggest advantages of electronic cigarettes is the possibility that it can help someone quit conventional cigarette smoking. Before the invention of electronic cigarettes, there were only a few products that were designed to help smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes quit, few of which ever had much success. Although product sales for these treatments were always quite strong, often times smokers would end up back where they started using tobacco cigarettes. Although vaporizers and electronic cigarettes were not specifically invented as a product to help users quit using traditional cigarettes, many studies have shown that vaporizers and electronic cigarettes have had that result on many people. Electronic cigarettes continue to face scrutiny and various studies as they are such a new product, but many believe that they can be the future of the industry, allowing millions of people to quit, or never start smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.


Despite increasing regulation, electronic cigarette sales continue to stay strong. Although the U.S. FDA feels the need to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, consumers remain knowledgeable and able to think on their own which helps drive sales. As consumers realize the benefits of using electronic cigarettes over their conventional tobacco cigarettes, more people will continue to discontinue or reduce using tobacco cigarettes and make the switch to electronic cigarettes. NuvoCig is in the fortunate position to be able to provide products for all stages of electronic cigarette users. NuvoCig offers starter packs that are great for beginners, as well as a variety of other products and accessories for anyone who is interested in vaping or switching to electronic cigarettes. To learn more about NuvoCig products, be sure to visit us at to make your first electronic cigarette purchase.

Different Types of E-Cigs

A electronic cigarette, more commonly known as an e-cig or an e-cigarette is a battery powered vaporizer that simulates the feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette. The e-cig is activated by the user taking a puff on the device. The device was entered into the market in 2004. Usage has continued to increase in the past 10+ years.

The majority of the reason most people use electronic cigarettes is to avoid or limit use of traditional cigarettes, although some e-cig users are simply recreational. As the use of e-cigs continues to increase significantly, governments around the world are scrambling to research and adapt laws in relation to the new booming business. As of 2014, there were about $7 billion of sales in the electronic cigarette industry.


Types of Electronic Cigarettes

There are several different types of electronic cigarettes out on the marketplace. NuvoCig offers a variety of different products to choose from, depending on what you would like to use to get started.  Below are some examples of different types of NuvoCigs.

1.) E-Cig Starter Kits – E-Cig Starter kits are where most first time e-cig purchasers should start. NuvoCig offers a wide range of e-cig starter kits that have various features. Some starter kits from NuvoCig will include rechargeable batteries and flavor cartridges(cartomizers). There are also entry level USB E-Cigs as well as deluxe e-cig kits that let you be the envy of all your vape friends.

2.) Disposables – Disposables are a different type of e-cigs that are offered by NuvoCig. If you are just getting started and don’t want to commit to the starter kit, disposable electronic cigarettes are a great way to test out NuvoCig. With disposables you do not charge or change your cartomizer, so you are more limited in flavors. Disposable e-cigs come in either traditional tobacco flavor or cool menthol, both of which are high strength.

3.) Cartomizers – As mentioned before, Cartomizers are the flavor cartridges that go in the starter kits NuvoCig sells. NuvoCig sells custom packages  as ell as pre-made packages such as the NuvoCig Clearomizer Standard Kit, the NuvoCig Clearomizer Deluxe Just for Her Kit, among others. Flavors for the cartomizers include tobacco, menthol, apple, blueberry, brandy, cherry, coffee, grape, champagne , lemon line, strawberry, whiskey, watermelon, and many more.


To learn more about electronic cigarettes and to visit the NuvoCig store, be sure to check out NuvoCig offers everything you need to learn about and get started with your new electronic cigarette purchase. NuvoCig also offers e-cigars, e-pipes, and e-hookahs.

What is an E-Cigar?

An E-Cigar is a product similar to a electronic cigarette, except it is designed for people who are looking to have a cigar experience. While electronic cigarettes bear some similarities to traditional cigarettes (and also have many key differences), e-cigars are more similar to the traditional cigars. E-Cigars are designed to help give you the same type of flavor you would get with a traditional cigar, but in a electronic form.

How Does It Compare To A Traditional Cigar?

Most people smoke traditional cigars for the flavor, as well as for the social benefits. Being able to enjoy a traditional cigar with some friends and enjoy the flavor is an experience many people like to cherish periodically. Although traditional cigars have always been the smoker’s choice, e-cigars will be the future. E-Cigars allow you to enjoy the same flavor and the same social status and atmosphere that you get with traditional cigars, while avoiding all of the downsides of traditional cigars. While there are countless types of traditional cigars to choose from that make the process overwhelming, e-cigars are relatively straight forward and simple. By using an e-cigar instead of a traditional cigar, you remove the stress out of the selection process.

NuvoCig sells e-cigars that taste just as good as a traditional cigar. A NuvoCig E-Cigar can last up to 1000 puffs!

Benefits of E-Cigars

E-Cigars differ from traditional cigars in many ways. In fact, there are a number of benefits of using a e-cigar instead of a traditional cigar.

1.) Odor.  Traditional cigars produce a odor that is offensive to many people. The odor can ruin your clothes, furniture, house, or your social situation if people need to get away. E-Cigars are odorless and are able to be enjoyed without ruining your clothes or other fabrics that may absorb odor.

2.) Smoke. Traditional cigars produce smoke that is harmful to your lungs, throat, and those around you. E-Cigars do not product smoke that has harmful chemicals in it.

3.) Environment.  Most e-cigars will be allowed in places where maybe traditional cigars would not. In addition to being able to use e-cigars in more places, you will also offend less people and irritate fewer of your surroundings by using a electronic cigar instead of a traditional one.

4.) Cost. Traditional cigars can be expensive and they cause you to literally burn your money. E-Cigars can cost around the same as a traditional cigar, but have the ability to be refilled and can last much longer than a traditional cigar. Traditional cigars also generally have to be enjoyed in just one sitting. E-Cigars can be saved and used later on, by enjoying as much or as little at a time as you choose.

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