Customizing Your NuvoCig

One of the most fun parts about owning a NuvoCig is the ability to customize the device and make it your own. Having a unique NuvoCig can be a conversation starter at bars, make your friends envious, and make you feel great for having such a cool e-cig to carry with you and use everyday. Fortunately, NuvoCig has a large variety of different accessories to choose from so you can make your e-cig experience truly unique and one of a kind. Your e-cig experience will be enhanced by selecting from different charger options, designer cases, and extra batteries. Express yourself through your NuvoCig! Below are some of my favorite NuvoCig accessories.

Charging Devices- NuvoCig offers a huge variety of different charging accessories for every need. The NuvoCig portable charger is perhaps the most convenient, as is the NuvoCig extra battery. Being able to charge your NuvoCig on the go without any advance notice or preparation is key for many NuvoCig users. NuvoCig also offers a variety of car chargers, USB Chargers, and other available options/

Carrying Case – Of course, if you’re going to be carrying around your extra battery or portable chargers with your e-cigs, you will need a stylish carrying case. NuvoCig offers a carrying case that helps you stay looking fresh without having to sacrifice the convenience of having all your e-cig components in one easy to access location.

Vapor Caps – NuvoCig Vapor caps are one accessory that many other e-cig companies do not offer. Vapor Caps are an extremely important part of having an e-cig, and they are such a low cost accessory that everyone should have one. Vapor Caps allow you to share your NuvoCig with a friend without having to risk spreading germs with each other. Sharing NuvoCig is very common, especially once your friends become envious of your new device. Vapor Caps can also help for those who want a softer tip for their cartomizers.

As you can see, NuvoCig offers a variety of different accessories to choose from. Many of the accessories are a must have for any avid e-cig user. Not to mention our accessories come in a variety of colors to choose from! To learn more about the various flavors, colors, carrying cases, chargers available at NuvoCig, visit

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