Nuvo offers 3 different styles of batteries. Every battery is compatible with all Nuvo cartomizers, but the Multicolor and Ultimate Batteries require a special adaptor to work with the chargers.


Portable Battery

Portable BatteryCharge your e-cig anytime, anywhere for just $19.99! Our Nuvo Portable Charger is easy to take with you on the road, making your life more convenient. Never look for an outlet again with our pocket sized charger. Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.



Standard Battery

Standard Battery


The Nuvo Standard battery is an high quality Lithium Ion battery that comes in both white and silver with various LED color choices. Our Standard Battery is only $12.99 and lasts longer and charges faster than any battery of its kind.



High Powered Electronic Cigarette BatteryUltimate Battery

The Nuvo Ultimate Battery gives the biggest bang for the buck. For just $32.99, you can get this powerhouse battery with 1000mAH, 4.2 volts. The Ultimate battery delivers bigger hits with every inhale. The Ultimate Battery also comes with its own USB charger adapter.



NuvoCig Electronic Battery User Information

Charging Nuvo Batteries

Every battery needs a charger, and Nuvo offers chargers for every life style. Click here for more information on charger styles and options.

Charging your battery is easy! Simply unscrew the cartomizer from your battery, and then screw the battery into the charger or adapter. All adapters will need to be plugged into your specific charger.

How Do I Know That My Battery Needs Charging?

When you inhale, the Nuvo battery will blink several times and there will be no vapor. This indicates the battery needs to be recharged. Please note your battery will also blink when it is being overused (taking too many pulls in rapid succession) as a warning. If this happens, you should stop use for several minutes and allow the unit to cool down to prolong the life of the battery.

How Long Will My Battery Last Between Charges?

Nuvo batteries use the latest lithium ion technology. On average battery life will equate to the smoking time of several traditional packs of cigarettes.

The average “1 pack a day smoker” will need to charge the standard battery every couple of days. As the battery’s power diminishes, you may notice a reduction in vapor volume. It is recommended that users keep a spare battery on hand in addition to charging their batteries regularly.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge My Battery?

Nuvo Batteries take about 1 1/2 hours to charge.

Can I Charge My Silver Single Battery?

Yes, the Silver Single Battery is the same as Nuvo’s standard batteries.

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