If you use rechargeable e cigarette batteries, you WILL need an electronic cigarette charger and/or adapter. The type of battery you own will determine which charger options are available to you. If you use the Standard NuvoCig battery that comes in the Single Silver, the USB Kit, the Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Kit, or the Customizable Electronic Cigarette Kit you will be using the Standard Battery USB Kit.



Standard Battery NuvoCig USB Adapter

USB Adaptor Detail

Other charging options require the use of a USB Adapter. This small piece of hardware allows you to connect and charge your electronic cigarette battery to a variety of chargers. You screw you standard NuvoCig battery into the round side of the adapter and then the USB port side can be use with computer USB ports or other USB  chargers, including wall and car chargers.



Wall Charging

NuvoCig Pack Style Wall ChargerOR  NuvoCig Standard Wall Charger without Adaptor

Electronic Cigarettes can be charged one of several ways. If you are using a the Cigarette Pack style charger, you simple unscrew your battery from your cartomizer and then screw it into the threaded bottom of the Pack Style charger and the plug the Pack Style charger into the wall.  Please note, you can not charge the Multi-Color or Ultimate batteries with this charger. The Standard Pack Wall Charger is available for $9.99 and does not require any sort of adapter to charge Standard NuvoCig batteries. If you prefer a simpler wall charging option, we have the NuvoCig Wall Charger for $9.99. You will need an USB Adapter to use the Wall Charger. Since both the NuvoCig Multi-Color and Ultimate batteries come with their own USB adapter, you can use the plain wall chargers to charge these batteries.

NuvoCig Car ChargerCar Charging

Charging your NuvoCig electronic cigarette in your car is as easy as charging your cell phone or GPS. Just screw your e cigarette into you USB Adapter, plug your USB Adapter into your NuvoCig Car Charger, and then plug the entire thing into your outlet in your car. The NuvoCig Car Charger is $9.99 and comes in both Black and White. If you don’t have a USB Adapter, you can save by buying the NuvoCig USB Adapter & Car Charger Combo kit for $14.99.

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