New iPhone App Helps You Monitor Your E-Cig Usage

If you can think about it, chances are there is an app for that. The latest developments in e-cigarettes include new iPhone apps that allow you to track and monitor your e-cigarette usage. The app can be useful in a number of ways including allowing users to track how many times they have used their e-cigarettes and even view how much energy is remaining. As a smoker of e-cigs, chances are you have encountered a time where you lost track of your e-cig usage or how much energy you may have left in your e-cigarette. Although a smoker of traditional cigarettes may not encounter this issue, this uncertainty is part of enjoying an e-cigarette. Fortunately there is an iPhone application that can help ease the uncertainty.

The functions of the app work smoothly and relatively easily. The app has a beautiful style and user interface that makes tracking your e-cigarette usage easy and fun. The app was designed with the newer iPhones 5 and 5s in mind, but will work on older iPhone models. To start using the app you simply need to come up with a system of how you will track your usage. You can select the “Smoked” button anytime you use your e-cigarette which will reduce the battery level display for your e-cigarette on the phone. Depending on how often and how much you smoke, it may make sense to come up with your own system of determining how much to reduce the battery level within the app. For example, if you have some lighter or quick e-cigarette sessions you may only want to press “smoked” once, but if you have a heavier session with more vapes, you may want to press it more than once. Using this type of system may allow you to more accurately track your e-cigarette energy if you tend to smoke different amounts at different times. As an added note, if you push the button for “smoked” accidentally, the action is easy reversible.

Once you have depleted your e-cigarette battery you can select the recharge button, which will automatically show a recharged battery within the app. What is particularly convenient about the app is that it allows you to have the app automatically learn the capacity of your e-cigarette battery based on your prior usage. This is a great feature to have and allows you to ensure that you are always prepared with a new battery and never caught off guard with a dead battery. This feature can help you remember to order new e-cigarettes or batteries so you don’t have to be stuck without them for a period of time. For this reason, the application can be extremely valuable for some e-cigarette users.

If this iPhone app sounds like something you may be interested in utilizing, the app can be viewed in more detail in the Apple App store here.