Why E-Cigs Are Better Than Traditional Cigarettes

Scientists, researchers and politicians are constantly debating the content of electronic cigarettes in comparison to traditional tobacco cigarettes. While much of the research remains consistent in stating that electronic cigarettes can be less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes, more studies are still ongoing. Recently a new British study came out that had some interesting results that favored the use of electronic or “e-cigarettes” over traditional cigarettes.

The study showed that smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes will dramatically reduce their exposure to air pollutants including carbon monoxide and acrolein, even if they only switch to using electronic cigarettes part time as a supplement to their traditional cigarette use. The study was conducted by researchers who gave 40 smokers access to e-cigarettes. After four weeks, users who used only e-cigarettes had a 80% drop in exposure to both air pollutants mentioned previously. Those who used a combination of electronic and traditional cigarettes saw a 52% decline in exposure to the same pollutants. These numbers all come from a study published by the Cancer Prevention Research Association in Britain.

This decrease in carbon monoxide inhaled from common cigarette smoke can have huge health effects for users. If carbon monoxide is consistently inhaled the amount of oxygen carried in red blood cells will decrease over time. This can also lead to the hardening of the arteries, which can lead to heart disease and strokes. As most people are aware, these harmful pollutants can also lead to lung disease and other serious illnesses.

This study does nothing but add to the already fairly strong evidence that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than traditional cigarettes, according to a source quoted in the article. NuvoCig offers a variety of electronic cigarettes for those who want to test this new study themselves.

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E-Cigarettes vs Botox

In the news out of Vancouver Washington there was a recent story about a woman who claimed she was able to reduce her smoking habit by the use of Botox. Does Botox really decrease the need to use cigarettes? Turns out not necessarily.

The reason the woman was able to reduce her intake of cigarettes after using Botox because she was actually physically unable to put the cigarette in her mouth. The Botox she was receiving was on each side of her upper lip, which then made that area almost completely unusable. In other words, her lips were completely paralyzed by the injections, so she was unable to close her lips around a cigarette and puff normally. The woman recommends it for those who are trying to reduce their smoking habit as she says she’s begun to save a tremendous amount of money by no longer smoking.

Despite her “successful” case, this is simply no way to reduce your smoking habit. Botox is definitely not for everyone and the purpose of Botox has nothing to do with quitting smoking. Although she may have been successful at numbing her mouth and therefore making it difficult to smoke, electronic cigarettes are a much better option as an alternative to cigarettes.

Botox is expensive on its own, so whatever money she thinks she is saving on cigarettes is being spent on the Botox. Although you could argue she may have wanted to get the Botox anyway, it is still unnecessary to continue to get Botox just for the purpose of reducing her cigarette intake.

Electronic cigarettes are a safer, less costly alternative to reducing your traditional tobacco cigarette intake. For those who do not want Botox, do not trust the safety of Botox, or for those who cannot afford Botox, electronic cigarettes are a much better option. Electronic cigarettes do not contain many of the chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, and they also are much more cost effective in the long run. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes, skip the Botox and check out e-cigarettes instead.

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