What is an E-Cigar?

An E-Cigar is a product similar to a electronic cigarette, except it is designed for people who are looking to have a cigar experience. While electronic cigarettes bear some similarities to traditional cigarettes (and also have many key differences), e-cigars are more similar to the traditional cigars. E-Cigars are designed to help give you the same type of flavor you would get with a traditional cigar, but in a electronic form.

How Does It Compare To A Traditional Cigar?

Most people smoke traditional cigars for the flavor, as well as for the social benefits. Being able to enjoy a traditional cigar with some friends and enjoy the flavor is an experience many people like to cherish periodically. Although traditional cigars have always been the smoker’s choice, e-cigars will be the future. E-Cigars allow you to enjoy the same flavor and the same social status and atmosphere that you get with traditional cigars, while avoiding all of the downsides of traditional cigars. While there are countless types of traditional cigars to choose from that make the process overwhelming, e-cigars are relatively straight forward and simple. By using an e-cigar instead of a traditional cigar, you remove the stress out of the selection process.

NuvoCig sells e-cigars that taste just as good as a traditional cigar. A NuvoCig E-Cigar can last up to 1000 puffs!

Benefits of E-Cigars

E-Cigars differ from traditional cigars in many ways. In fact, there are a number of benefits of using a e-cigar instead of a traditional cigar.

1.) Odor.  Traditional cigars produce a odor that is offensive to many people. The odor can ruin your clothes, furniture, house, or your social situation if people need to get away. E-Cigars are odorless and are able to be enjoyed without ruining your clothes or other fabrics that may absorb odor.

2.) Smoke. Traditional cigars produce smoke that is harmful to your lungs, throat, and those around you. E-Cigars do not product smoke that has harmful chemicals in it.

3.) Environment.  Most e-cigars will be allowed in places where maybe traditional cigars would not. In addition to being able to use e-cigars in more places, you will also offend less people and irritate fewer of your surroundings by using a electronic cigar instead of a traditional one.

4.) Cost. Traditional cigars can be expensive and they cause you to literally burn your money. E-Cigars can cost around the same as a traditional cigar, but have the ability to be refilled and can last much longer than a traditional cigar. Traditional cigars also generally have to be enjoyed in just one sitting. E-Cigars can be saved and used later on, by enjoying as much or as little at a time as you choose.

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Dragon Tutorial

The Dragon is one of the best and most commonly performed tricks when using electronic cigarettes. The trick is called the dragon because when the trick is performed, the vapor will come out of your mouth and nose at the same time, resembling the image of a dragon breathing smoke or fire. If you are new to this, don’t worry as electronic cigarettes are easy to get started with. NuvoCig offers convenient Starter Packs for anyone who is just getting started with vaping and isn’t sure where they should begin. Learning the dragon will be a great first step in entering the world of vaping. This is a great trick to use to impress your friends, create conversations, and show off your new NuvoCig electronic cigarettes.


How To Do The Dragon Vaping Trick With A NuvoCig

1.) Learn how to blow the vapor out of your nose. This is generally the easiest part of doing the dragon. Inhaling deep using a NuvoCig that creates a lot of vapor will help.

2.) Develop the skill of being able to blow vapor out of the side of your mouth only. Put your lips together, hold the middle shut and open small holes in the side of your mouth. The smoke needs to come out of the sides of your mouth in order for the vapor to go in the right direction. Some people find using their tongue to steer the vapor helps.

3.) Combine these two skills to blow vapor both out of your nose and out of the side of your mouth at the same time.

4.) Remember that practice Makes Perfect. Working on this move on a consistent basis while looking into a mirror will help make your dragon perfect.

5.)Show off to your friends how you can breathe “fire” like a dragon!

To get started practicing your dragon, checkout NuvoCig Starter Packs and Electronic Cigarette options at the NuvoCig website.