Go To The Beach With Nuvo

In most places throughout the United States, smoking on public beaches is prohibited. Politicians will tell you that this is for the safety and well-being of the general public and to avoid the consumption of second hand smoke. For anyone who is a smoker, you understand how enjoyable and relaxing smoking a cigarette on your favorite beach can be. Fortunately, NuvoCig offers some distinct advantages in this area that aren’t found with traditional cigarettes.


Although not universally accepted in all locations, most beaches are more likely to allow the use of electronic cigarettes like NuvoCig, than traditional cigarettes. NuvoCig allows you to experience a similar experience as a traditional cigarette, without disrupting the public or causing any harm to others. Without the second hand smoke, many locations do not see a need to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on public beaches. The ability to smoke on the beach has been restored with electronic cigarettes.


In addition to those two main benefits, there are a number of other benefits to using electronic cigarettes at the beach as well. Electronic cigarettes do not disturb others around you, do not produce second hand smoke, and do not produce ashes or require an ash tray. Electronic cigarettes are not just convenient, but are greener than traditional cigarettes. There is no need to toss out an e-cig like you would a cigarette. Did we also mention that e-cigs are rechargeable too? For portability and convenience, you cannot go wrong with electronic cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes are a great accessory for summer weather. Whether you’re on the beach, at a summer BBQ, or heading out for a picnic, electronic cigarettes can go where you go. With Memorial Day right around the corner and tons of flavor and nicotine combinations, there is no better way to celebrate than with a NuvoCig.


To learn more about the benefits of using electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes, be sure to visit www.NuvoCig.com. You can get started with NuvoCig and be enjoying a electronic cigarette this summer in no time!

E-Cig Myths Debunked

Myth 1: E-Cigs Are Dangerous

NuvoCig would never sell a product it doesn’t stand behind. NuvoCig discloses ingredients involved so you know what is in the NuvoCig product you are consuming. Regardless, when comparing the level of danger of traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, the comparison is clear. Any rumors you’ve heard about electronic cigarettes exploding or being dangerous is likely untrue, or the user was at fault.


Myth 2: E-Cigs Are Illegal

Electronic cigarettes are not illegal in most areas of the world. Although it is important to check with your local laws, in many areas of the country and the world electronic cigarettes are both legal and socially acceptable. In some areas electronic cigarettes may even be allowed in public.


Myth 3: E-Cigs Are More Expensive Than Regular Cigarettes

This is not the case for NuvoCig. NuvoCig electronic cigarettes can actually be much more efficient and cash flow friendly. You can purchase NuvoCig packs that can last significantly longer than a pack of traditional cigarettes. With NuvoCig you can have more control over your usage and plan for additional refills as needed from NuvoCig.com.


Myth 4: E-Cigs Can Be Purchased By Kids

Electronic cigarettes are not designed or marketed to appeal to children or anyone underage. In most areas of the world there is a minimum age for purchasing electronic cigarettes, often the same age as traditional cigarettes. In most states in the US this age is 18, although in some areas the age is 19.


Myth 5: E-Cigs Are Trying to Attract Non-Smokers

This simply is not true. Electronic cigarettes were designed with current smokers of traditional cigarettes in mind. The product has become tremendously successful due to current smokers using electronic cigarettes to eliminate or lessen the use of traditional cigarettes. Nuvo offers non-nicotine options with their flavors.


Myth 6: E-Cigs Have Bad Chemicals In Them

Electronic cigarettes actually have far fewer chemicals in them than traditional cigarettes. Although some electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine, many of the very harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes are not found in electronic cigarettes. Although there have been a number of rumors about various household chemicals being found in electronic cigarettes, these are unfounded. Be sure to read into the brand of e-cigs before purchasing, as electronic cigarettes can vary. NuvoCig makes sure to only sell reputable products to help you rest assured.