Why Celebrities Are Switching To E-Cigs

The trend of moving towards electronic cigarettes and vaping has entered Hollywood. Many A-listers have been spotted in public using electronic cigarettes; some of the big names may even surprise you.


So why the switch to e-cigs? Celebrities need to look their best, especially as the competition in their line of work is high, and cameras and paparazzi often follow them around throughout the day. Looking good is an essential part of the entertainment industry, whether in regards to acting, singing, or modeling. Smoking traditional cigarettes does not necessarily coincide with such a lifestyle. Although it may take years to make a difference, traditional cigarette smoking has been shown to yellow teeth, prematurely wrinkle the skin and face, and make you age faster than you may have otherwise. Although celebrities can afford cosmetic surgery to try and reverse aging, this does not always work and some things cannot be fixed. There is only so much cosmetic dentistry that is possible for example, and face lifts and fillers to reduce wrinkles do not always go as planned.


Rather than risking surgery downtime and undesirable results, switching to electronic cigs is a much better option. An A-List smile can be maintained much more easily when you aren’t inhaling the toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. A dazzling smile and the aesthetics of the teeth are crucial to anyone in the limelight and even to those who aren’t. Bright, white teeth are an indication of oral health and a source of confidence in professional, social and personal settings.


Not only are cigarettes proven to yellow teeth, cause tooth decay and lead to gum disease and oral cancer, they are also proven to increase the rate of intrinsic aging. Premature aging caused by traditional cigarettes can be avoided by using electronic cigarettes. Celebrities often live a very high stress lifestyle, so they need something to help them relax. Many people claim that smoking helps relieve their stress, but the consequences associated with smoking are undoubtedly more stressful. Electronic cigarettes can help celebrities relieve stress as it promotes oral health, while providing a customized level of nicotine to help wean them off traditional cigarettes.


Many people see celebrities as role models, so making sure that they act responsibly while in public and being photographed is important to many celebrities. Maintaining a certain image is necessary as many fans (especially younger ones) can be impressionable. If a celebrity smokes traditional cigarettes, it’s possible that young fans may be inclined to start smoking in order to replicate what their favorite celebrity does. Being responsible and using electronic cigarettes may reduce the number of young people picking up tobacco cigarettes.


Some big names that have been seen using electronic cigarettes include Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, and many more.


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