Save Your Hands With Electronic Cigarettes

Using NuvoCig during the cold winter months will be extremely beneficial to your hands. Think about your time as a smoker last winter; going outside in the freezing temperatures to light up your cigarette really wasn’t much fun, was it? Not only was it freezing outside when you had your smoke break, but you had to deal with annoying nuisances when you got out there. Trying to keep the cigarette lit and keep your hands (and the rest of your body) warm took any enjoyment you would have had out of the cigarette break. Fortunately, with NuvoCig you can fix all of the nuisances and go back to enjoying your break.



Benefits of Using NuvoCig in the Winter:


1) No Need to Remove Your Gloves- One of the biggest annoyances with smoking traditional cigarettes in cold weather can be smoking with gloves on. Trying to grip, light, and smoke your cigarette while wearing gloves feels awkward and your attempts are often futile. More often than not, smokers end up removing their gloves and spending their smoke break with numb fingers. With NuvoCig, you can keep your gloves on and your hands toasty.


2) No need to Use A Lighter- Naturally, traditional cigarettes require the use of a lighter. Trying to light a cigarette in freezing temperatures with high speed winds can be extremely frustrating. Not only are you waiting in cold temperatures to try and get the cigarette lit in harsh conditions, but you again have to fumble around with your gloves, making yourself even colder. NuvoCig doesn’t require a lighter, so you’re able to get started right away. Just inhale and vape!


3) No Fire Or Potential Burns- Since there is no need for a lighter, there is no risk of burning your hands or ruining your gloves. Using a lighter in windy conditions can be dangerous and it can be very easy to make a quick mistake that can cost you your gloves or your safety. NuvoCig has no fire involved, alleviating any worries of ruining your gloves or burning your hand.


4) Stay Indoors- One of the biggest advantages of using NuvoCig in the winter is that many places are much more likely to allow you to use it indoors. While almost no locations will allow you to use a traditional cigarette indoors, NuvoCig may be allowed in certain public locations. Being able to stay inside during those harsh winter months is a huge advantage of NuvoCig.



Although NuvoCig has many other advantages, during these winter months taking advantage of your NuvoCig pack instead of your traditional cigarettes will benefit you in all of these ways plus more! NuvoCig can also make a great holiday gift for anyone in your family who may be interested in improving their lifestyle and making some changes in their life. Be sure to check out more of NuvoCigs offerings for the upcoming winter and holiday season at