Different Ways to Charge Your NuvoCigs


NuvoCig Car Adapter to USBNuvo Power Bank


Charging your e-cigarettes can be just as easy as charging your smartphones. Think about how often you are charging your smart phone, looking for an outlet to charge your smartphone or asking others if they have a charger on them. It can be difficult to find the time to charge your electronics when you’re constantly moving, especially if you live in a city like New York.  How often have you seen people standing against a wall in an airport, or charging their phone at work, in the car, or on public transit? The changes in the economy and shifts in culture have led to a hustle and bustle society that needs to stay connected no matter where we are. Just like your other electronic necessities, e-cigs do need to charge periodically as well, but fortunately NuvoCig provides great technologies to ease this process.


Having a convenient charging device as an accessory is a must for anyone who uses electronic cigarettes. NuvoCig offers a variety of different options for charging, including USB chargers, wall chargers, and the Nuvo Power Bank. Each have their own unique purpose and strength.


The Nuvo USB charger allows you to charge your electronic cigarette anytime you are near a computer. If you’re like most Americans, you are likely near a computer both at home and at work.


For long drives or times where you are not near a computer, the NuvoCig Car Adapter can be quite convenient. This can be used in a variety of situations, including when you are on a long road trip, sitting in traffic, or on your commute into work.


The Nuvo Power Bank is perhaps the most convenient of them all. As a completely portable charger, the Nuvo Power Bank allows you to charge your device even in situations when you don’t have power or access to an outlet. It can be used on a long trip, while camping, on a plane, or more. Simply charge the Power Bank and take it with you wherever you for extra juice any time.


Any of these accessories can be found on our website accessories page here.

Camping with NuvoCig

Camping is a great way to undo the stress of the work week and get some rest and relaxation. Camping is an experience many have always enjoyed, as it allows you to take in the great outdoors and experience something new and exciting every time. If you are a smoker, here are a few reasons to switch to a healthier alternative and bring NuvoCig on your next trip:


No Fires: Forest fires are something that we’ve all heard about before, but if it happens it can be a serious issue. By smoking traditional cigarettes in the woods, you are always putting yourself at risk for starting a major forest fire. With NuvoCigs, this risk is diminished completely.


No Odor: When you go camping showers aren’t always readily available. With traditional cigarettes, this could present an even larger problem than usual. The smell from traditional cigarettes can linger in your hair and clothes for days. With NuvoCIg, none of this is an issue as the only scent the electronic cigarettes emit is the e-liquid flavor you use. Even this aroma is a fleeting one and will not cling to you.


Preserving the Scenery: One of the best parts about camping is the view. The beautiful scenery that you are able to take in can be breathtaking. Many people enjoy camping because of the change in scenery from the city life. By using NuvoCig instead of traditional cigarettes you can help keep that scenery beautiful. Cigarette butts will no longer be left throughout the camp site. NuvoCig will not damage the camping site in any way and the view will remain as beautiful as it was when you arrived.


In today’s society however, camping can cause some inconveniences. Many of us are accustomed to using and charging our electronic devices on a constant basis. Running out of battery on any device is a hassle and it’s especially inconvenient when you’re out in the woods. Fortunately, NuvoCig offers various ways to charge your e-cig whether there is an accessible outlet or not.


The convenient Nuvo Power Bank allows you to charge your NuvoCig without an electrical outlet. Simply charge the Nuvo Power Bank before you take it on the go. Your Power Bank will grant you access to a portable supply of power anytime, anywhere. If you plan on making trips to the car, NuvoCig also offers a 2-in-1 car adapter and USB charger. So what are you waiting for? Grab a tent, a sleeping bag, your NuvoCig and portable chargers and have some fun this weekend!