Football Season – Don’t Miss a Play Because You’re Smoking!

Football season is coming up and if you’re like most people you’ll be glued to the action all season. The season officially kicks off on Thursday, September 4th with the Packers and Seahawks, but most games start Sunday, September 7th. The 2014 season is sure to bring excitement to fans across the country, with every game providing action fans won’t want to miss.

In football you never know when a game-changing play could occur, as possession and the direction of the game can change in seconds. With the constant action of the game, the importance of being able to keep your eyes on the game the entire time is even greater. For many smokers of traditional cigarettes, the ability to see every play and all the action of the game sometimes becomes difficult. Smokers of traditional cigarettes may have to leave the bar or restaurant in order to smoke, causing them to miss portions of the game. Even if you are outside at a live game, many, if not all, of the stadiums ban smoking within the complex. Trying to be able to smoke in any location will be difficult without having to miss some of the action.

Fortunately, NuvoCig can help alleviate all of these problems. NuvoCig can be used in more locations than traditional cigarettes, allowing for increased flexibility. If you’d like to watch your team in public, NuvoCig can be vaped in most bars and restaurants, as well as many other locations. If you are the type who likes to enjoy football with friends at home, NuvoCigs can even be smoked at a football house party where you can vape without having to worry about bothering the other guests of the viewing party. For those who prefer to watch football live in person at the stadium, many stadiums are much more likely to allow NuvoCigs than traditional cigarettes. To be sure, check with the stadium you are visiting beforehand.

Being able to enjoy a NuvoCig instead of a traditional cigarette could mean the difference between seeing the biggest play of the game, or having to embarrassingly explain to everyone that you missed it. Make sure you’re able to see the entire game by choosing NuvoCig. No matter where you like to watch your favorite team, NuvoCig can help you get the most out of your 2014 football season.