Cost of NuvoCig Vs Regular Cigarettes

It is no secret that the cost of smoking can be quite high and is certainly not a cheap habit to have. In higher taxed states such as California the cost of smoking can be particularly expensive. The cost of cigarettes in California is of the highest in the nation, and other similarly high taxed states can also be quite expensive. When comparing the cost of traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes living in a high taxed state can help make the comparison a no-brainer.

NuvoCig offers electronic cigarette kits that are reusable and can be cheaper than traditional cigarettes over the long term. The NuvoCig e-cigarette kits come in a variety of options and prices, all of which can be found here. A pack of traditional cigarettes in California can run well over $10 a pack as the taxes in California are extremely high on cigarettes. Some of the e-cigarette kits at NuvoCig start as low as $39.99 and can last significantly longer than a pack of traditional cigarettes making the overall cost cheaper long term.

NuvoCig also offers disposable electronic cigarettes which can be found here. Disposable e-cigarettes start just $11.99 and are available in four packs for a discounted price of $39.99.

When it comes down to taxes generally speaking traditional taxes are going to be taxed higher than NuvoCig e-cigarettes. Taxes vary by state, but for high taxed states like California, and others the cost savings for electronic cigarettes can be substantial over time. You can purchase NuvoCig online through the website regardless of where you live, which offers a huge advantage for those living in California and elsewhere.

Low tax states can save money too by using e-cigarettes, it isn’t reserved for just high taxed residents. Even in a low state tax area traditional cigarettes can be costly and rechargeable and reusable e-cigarettes can be a cost saving alternative. Trying out e-cigarettes as an alternative to your typical traditional cigarette smoking routine can be a worthwhile and fun trial.

For anyone looking to lead a financially successful life having a positive monthly cash flow on a regular basis is extremely important and a foundation to any successful financial life. By supplementing with e-cigarettes or using them as an alternative there is significant opportunities to reduce monthly smoking costs and increase monthly cash flow. By exchanging some or all of your traditional cigarette use for some e-cigarettes the savings can add up over time. Looking into some NuvoCig electronic cigarettes is definitely a wise move for those looking to increase their monthly cash flow, stick to a monthly budget, and also enjoy the benefits and pleasure of enjoying a electronic cigarette.

Traveling With E-Cigs

Traveling is an activity that everyone tends to enjoy, particularly during the summer time. Smokers may encounter some difficulties while traveling depending on where and how they are traveling. Tightened airport security as well as various states changing their laws regarding public smoking of cigarettes have led to issues for certain smokers who enjoy traveling. NuvoCig offers some attractive products that can help ease tensions on your next traveling adventure. Vacations are designed to be relaxing and fun and NuvoCig can help your travels stay that way.

Smoking Laws- Smoking laws vary by state and for international travelers can vary by country as well. Although the United States has some of the stricter laws regarding public smoking, it is always wise to check in on any local laws when traveling internationally as well. In many states including New York it is illegal to smoke traditional cigarettes in certain areas, including bars, restaurants, and other public places. Many beaches in the New York area also do not allow smoking, although this varies by location elsewhere. With NuvoCig many of these public smoking laws or regulations are no longer an issue. Although it is not guaranteed that every indoor bar or restaurant will allow you to use your NuvoCig, you are more likely to be allowed to use your e-cigarette without having to stand outside or exit your location.

Traveling- Traveling can be tricky. If you are traveling by airplane NuvoCig has compiled a list of airports that allow e-cigarettes. You can find this blog post and list here. When traveling by automobile and by train the laws regarding carrying e-cigs are much more lenient. It is always important to check your local laws since everyplace is different, but generally speaking you will have no issues carrying e-cigarettes on trains, a bus, or in your automobile.

Packing- Packing can be tricky as well. You will want to store your e-cig in a safe compartment where it is unlikely to get lost or damaged, but you may also want to have easy access to it. Fortunately you can accomplish both as NuvoCig offers a great kit that can ensure that your e-cigs travel with you safely. You can learn more about NuvoCig kits here. The NuvoCig kits can help you pack your e-cigs in any type of bag or suitcase, depending on your personal preferences.


In conclusion there are a lot of things to keep in mind when traveling with e-cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes aren’t allowed everywhere, generally speaking you may have better luck traveling with e-cigarettes than with traditional cigarettes. NuvoCig e-cig kits are designed to make traveling with your e-cigs in a safe and secure manner as easy as possible. Be sure to check them out in more detail on the NuvoCig website found here.

Say Goodbye to Kissing Ashtrays

If you’ve ever kissed a smoker you know exactly what taste you’ll have in your mouth afterwards. If he or she had a cigarette recently, the aftertaste is bitter and your partner’s mouth will contain tar as well as a host of toxins released while a traditional tobacco cigarette is burning.

There was a popular advertisement several years ago that stated “Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray”. The taste you unfortunately acquire during and after kissing someone who has just smoked a cigarette is not a pleasant one for most people. For smokers who have non-smoker partners, this can be a particularly unpleasant experience. Smoking is one of the biggest turnoffs for many people looking to date because of the taste and smell that can coincide with smoking traditional cigarettes. Often, “cigarette breath” can be annoying even if you only talk to a smoker. Being close and kissing someone is supposed to be an intimate, joyful act. Smokers sometimes suffer from rejection because of their smell and taste. This can have a lifelong effect on a potential relationship.

Uncomfortable Conversations

Awkwardness for the partner is something that many smokers tend to forget about. Although many smokers are aware of their potential unpleasant breath, there are still countless others who think gum or the length of time from the last cigarette is long enough to avoid their partner realizing. Being able to bring up to your partner that their breath and their kisses are unpleasant or taste poorly can be an extremely difficult conversation to have. The smoker is likely to become either offended or embarrassed by the conversation and it creates an environment that can ruin the mood after the kissing.

How NuvoCig Can Help

While traditional cigarettes produce tar and smoke, NuvoCig electronic cigarettes emit water vapor, which minimizes the bad aftertaste and does not leave strong smell on your partner’s body or clothes. The fact that NuvoCig comes in many different flavors allows both you and your partner to determine a flavor that you both enjoy and are comfortable with. The different flavors of NuvoCig allow what may have otherwise been an uncomfortable conversation to become easy and fun. Trying different flavors with your partner can be an exciting spark that can lead to an increased level of happiness and excitement in your relationship. As a result NuvoCig can be a great potential alternative to alleviate anxiety around kissing and smoking.

E-Cigs and Physical Activity

Are you a smoker that has difficulty keeping up with your non-smoker friends during physical activities? Even if you just want to go for a run or go to the gym being a smoker of traditional cigarettes can make things difficult. Trying to keep up with your fellow players in a team sport is a battle after you’ve just inhaled traditional cigarette smoke. There has been much debate on the differences between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes and what products are better for certain circumstances. For those looking to partake in regular physical activity, the debate between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is still being determined. For many, e-cigarettes have become a popular supplement and alternative to traditional cigarettes.

As many smokers may already realize their performance in physical activities is hindered by the inhalation of tar and smoke that come with traditional cigarettes. Contrary to what some non-smokers may believe, many smokers do participate in going to the gym, running, and lead very active lifestyles. Unfortunately difficulty performing these types of physical tasks and a hindered athletic performance is common for many smokers.

For smokers who are looking to still perform well during physical activities and want to be able to continue maintaining an active lifestyle e-cigarette may be a viable alternative. By using e-cigarettes you’ll be able to avoid inhaling the tar and smoke that comes with traditional cigarettes. Having healthy lungs is extremely important in any type of high intensity physical activity. It is no secret what traditional cigarettes can do to your lungs to cause damage.

Being able to perform well and maintain an active lifestyle can have huge positive effects in many areas of your life. Regular exercise may assist in increasing energy levels, physical fitness, cognitive function and overall general health. Many of us do want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the general trend in the United States is moving towards a healthier generation for many young people. For those of you who are looking to increase your physical fitness, play all the sports you’re used to playing and maintain an overall active lifestyle switching to NuvoCig electronic cigarettes may be an attractive alternative. NuvoCig allows you to avoid inhaling the tar and cigarette smoke that has been slowing you down in the past. Using NuvoCig as an alternative or a supplement could potentially lead to some results that will increase your level of physical activity ability to an amount that you are happy with.