Electronic Cigarettes at the Airport

Regulation of electronic cigarettes is still in the works so it can be difficult to know where you shouldn’t vape, especially when traveling. Airports are highly guarded and rules are strict. Can you take your e-cigarette on a flight? Can you smoke it in the terminal? Due to the lack of federal regulation on e-cigs, airports are divided on the subject of allowing their use. The only rule set in stone is that they are banned from use on flights. Some airports treat e-cigs like traditional cigarettes and ban their use other than in a designated smoking room. As of now, the following airports allow you to smoke e-cigs in the airport:

  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • Dulles International Airport
  • McCarren International Airport
  • Miami International Airport
  • Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • Ronald Reagan International Airport
  • Tampa International Airport

If you are in one of those airports, feel free to vape in the terminal! If you are not, don’t fret. Airports do change their rules. Some airports may allow e-cig smoking in certain terminals. If you’re not sure, ask an authority. It’s always better to be cautious at an airport. In the same token, the above listed airports’ rules are also subject to change so you should always double check before vaping.

Whether your airport allows vaping in the open or only in the smoking room, electronic cigarettes are still a better option than cigarettes. If you must sit through a long flight, the last thing you want is to smell like cigarettes. You’re 10,000 ft above ground. The smell has nowhere to escape to. It will just stay in your clothes and surround you and your neighbor. Be a good sport, smoke e-cigs instead and smell like yourself, not an ashtray.

Smoking a Cigar vs. an E-Cigar

Cigars are a classic, masculine and a relaxing treat. So, why don’t we see more people smoking them more often? The answer is simple. They’re a little too high maintenance for everyday enjoyment. A good cigar needs to be rolled well, without lumps or tears in the casing. It needs to be lit the right way the first time so as to ensure an even burn. It needs to be puffed at a consistent rate so that it doesn’t burn too fast or burn out. A typical cigar could burn anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour, and should be put out once it gets to be about two inches.

While cigars are enjoyable, people don’t always want to go through the nuisance. For those people, there’s the e-cigar. The e-cigar looks and tastes like a regular cigar, with added convenience. With the e-cigar, you simply puff to savor the taste. There is no lighting necessary. Your inhalation activates the vapor. With e-cigars, you can puff when and where you want for as long or little as you want. Traditional cigars will go stale quickly once they burn out and relighting them ruins their taste.

E-cigars are reusable and disposable. You don’t have to light an entire cigar and puff it a handful of times then throw it away and waste it. E-cigars have a two year shelf life and provide roughly 1,800 puffs! Lastly, the e-cigar does not come with the smell of cold tobacco. You can puff in your home without having to change the upholsteries afterwards. Cigars will always be a classic but for the times when you just want that rich flavor without the fuss, e-cigars are your answer.

Benefits of Using E-Cigars

E-cigars have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons.

Cost-effective. Cigar prices vary depending on the quality of the tobacco and where you’re purchasing them. The really cheap ones can run under $10 but they also taste cheap. The more expensive ones can go over $70. While it’s wonderful to treat ourselves occasionally, spending a chunk of money on one cigar can feel a little indulgent at times. This is where e-cigars come in. They’re a perfect solution for the individual who perhaps just wants a few cigar puffs without having to spend the money on a regular cigar that might not get finished.

Disposable and reusable. Because e-cigars are reusable, you can just have five puffs and save the rest for later or another day. Each e-cigar has up to 1,800 puffs and only runs you $30. When you’re all out of puffs you can just throw your e-cigar away and get another one.

No hassle. Cigars are known for being complex. They must be clipped precisely and lit correctly in order to achieve an even burn. Certain lighters transfer the taste of gas to the cigar which ruins the smoking experience. With e-cigars, you don’t have to inspect the wrapper for any tears or lumps. You don’t have to be anxious that you might clip it wrong or burn it wrong. Best of all, the smoking experience is entirely in your control. There is no pressure to finish it just because you feel like you’re wasting it if you don’t smoke the whole thing. Simply puff at your e-cigar to activate it and put it down when you don’t feel like smoking anymore.

No odor. Because e-cigars are not made with tobacco or harmful additives, there is no lingering smell associated with them. Traditional cigars can quickly envelop a room and be offensive to others around. E-cigars allow you to stay classy while still being considerate. Nothing beats that.

Design. E-cigars are designed to look like real cigars. The beautiful tawny brown with the gold band around the top are a mainstay characteristic of cigars. Those details are in e-cigars too and because they’re made out of metal and not paper, you get that added sheen.

While nothing beats the experience of smoking a traditional cigar, there’s a time and a place and they don’t come up that often. Get an e-cigar for the times when you just want to kick back, relax and have a couple of puffs.

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