How To Give The Best Nuvo E-Cig

Some tobacco cigarette smokers are reluctant to give up what they know and try something new. Why not gift them with an e-cig to introduce them to the idea of switching? E-Cigarettes make a wonderful gift for loved ones because they are thoughtful, affordable and you can choose from a number of options to best fit the smoker in your life.

NuvoCig offers a variety of starter kits and disposable ecigs that each have their own appeal.

Disposable e-cigs are a great gift for the occasional smoker, whether this person is a social smoker or a stress smoker. Many occasional smokers feel guilty smoking because their friends or significant other frown upon their habit. A compromise can be made with e-cigs! NuvoCig offers two types of disposable ecigs: the standard Disposable and the Silver Single. Both options serve as a great introduction to electronic cigarettes.

The Disposable comes in menthol or traditional tobacco flavor, and your choice of nicotine strength. It is the equivalent of three packs of cigarettes. The Disposable lets your loved one try vaping to see if he / she likes the feeling. There is no commitment with it; once the battery dies, your giftee can either give up electronic cigarettes or continue to love them!

The Silver Single is a rechargeable electronic cigarette. There is more variety with the Silver Single as the cartomizers can be replaced. This gives your loved one the ability to sample NuvoCig’s different flavors and decide which ones he / she likes best. The charger is not included; you can either purchase it separately for your loved one or let him / her decide whether he / she wants to continue smoking e-cigs when the time comes.

The starter kits are perfect for someone who has talked about switching to ecigs but just hasn’t taken the initiative to do so. Maybe this person has tried ecigs before and likes them but just isn’t sure which brand to get. All of NuvoCig’s starter kits come with a NuvoCig e-cigarette, chargers, batteries, and a five-pack of cartomizers. With a starter kit you are providing your loved one with a foundation. From there, he / she will only need to replace the battery and cartomizer packs every once in a while. Each battery offers 1 to 1.5 hours of vaping, and can be charged 300 times before the battery needs to replaced. That equates to 450 hours of vaping at just $11.99 a battery! NuvoCig starter kits are thoughtful, affordable, and easy to maintain. You can be sure that this isn’t a gift your loved one stops using once the battery or cartomizers run out.

If the special person in your life is already a happy NuvoCig smoker, gift him / her with a new set of cartomizers! You can choose from a combination of no nicotine to high nicotine levels as well as exotic flavors. The fun flavors include coffee, cappucino, lychee, apple, blueberry and even brandy!

With so much variety, NuvoCig have something for everyone! Explore the website for the perfect gift of vaping!

We Scored 9/10 on License to Vape!

Wow! License to Vape gave our Nuvo Deluxe Starter Kit and Ultimate Battery a 9/10. As one of the largest internet electronic cigarette review sites, they pride themselves on being honest and unbiased with their readers. So why won’t you want to read unfiltered reviews of brands they believe are worth trying? Like they say “if it ain’t on our site, it ain’t worth vaping!” We guess NuvoCig is worth vaping! Due to their comprehensive reviews and ranking system, we hope all e-cig users make the most informed decisions when it comes purchasing the best ecig for themselves, family, and friends!

How did we get a 9/10 for our kit? Well, we received a 9/10 for the vapor and throat hit of our ecig, a 9/10 for battery and hardware, 7/10 for price, 10/10 for flavors, and 10/10 for warranty and customer service. We hit high marks for all their criteria’s! You can read the full review by clicking here.

Cigarettes in Hollywood & Why Celebrities Are Choosing E-Cigarettes

John Wayne was a man’s man. Images of him cocking his head to the side and lighting up a smoke exude machismo. James Dean was dashing and even more gorgeous in a white tee, balancing a cigarette between his lips amidst a perfect smile. Even America’s beloved Audrey Hepburn smoked and she just looked so cute doing it! But the truth is, the celebrities of Hollywood’s Golden Age were paid generous amounts to promote smoking. Tobacco companies paid to have their products endorsed and it worked incredibly well. Demand was high and so were sales. Fast-forward a few decades later, and tobacco advertising is one of the most regulated forms of marketing. Celebrities still smoke in movies and music videos but it is not as prevalent as it used to be. The undeniable fact is that smoking causes cancer. It ages the skin and decays the teeth. In an industry that revolves around beauty and youth, celebrities can’t afford to sabotage their appearance for a puff of tobacco smoke. This is why electronic cigarettes are becoming the go-to choice for celebrity smokers who are trying to quit or switch to a healthier alternative.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Dreyfus were both spotted vaping at the Golden Globes this year. In fact, Dreyfus was wearing sunglasses and smoking indoors. Both stars looked extremely content and happy to be able to get a nicotine fix without bothering others in the room. Ecigs have become so popular in Hollywood that there’s even a Pinterest board dedicated to photos of celebrities smoking them!

Celebrities are making the switch because e-cigarettes are safer. They have no tobacco or harmful additives found in traditional cigarettes, and do not produce an offensive odor, so people can use them indoors. That means not having to leave the party in order to smoke. How convenient is that? Whether it saves you from encountering paparazzi or simply saves you a trip outside, isn’t it time you made the switch?

E-Cig Twigg Says Yes to Nuvo!

E-Cig Twigg of reviewed our Nuvo electronic cigarette starter kit. Their electronic cigarette guide was designed to help readers find the perfect e-cig for their needs. E-Cig Twigg highly recommends our Nuvo kit because of our “great selection of flavors that you don’t find in any other rechargeable e-cigarette starter kit.” Visit their website to find guides for rechargeable e-cigarettes, disposable e-cigs, e-cigars and more. Their website allows readers to learn about all the different models and brands all in one place! They explain the major differences between major ecigs as well as review and provide helpful recommendations to both new and experienced users. See what E-Cig Twigg had to say about our Nuvo E-Cig Kits by clicking here.

Nuvo Recommend by Steve K’s Vaping World!

We are recommended by Steve K’s Vaping World! Steve K tried our Nuvo starter kit and liked our design, cartomizers, and batteries. As one of the largest websites that provides a ton of information about electronic cigarettes with reviews, it is safe to say they know what they are talking about! Steve K’s mission is to “serve up electronic cigarette news commentary, honest and unbiased e-cigarette reviews as well as informative and entertaining articles relating to all things e-cigarette.” The reviews Steve K provides are based on his opinion and may vary widely due to the different level of experience of users. Instead of judging the difference on ecigs or declaring something the best, Steve simply shares his experience using the products. Read what he had to say after trying our Nuvo products here.

How Electronic Cigarettes Can Save You Money

At the end of the day, we all want to keep some extra money in our pockets. You have bills to pay, places to go, things to buy. And if you’re smoking, a NuvoCig electronic cigarette is the absolute best way to save that money!

The average price for a pack of regular cigarettes in the United States is over six dollars now. It might not sound like a lot for a pack a day, but after a month that’s almost two hundred dollars you’re spending on cigarettes or over two thousand dollars every year! And that’s just if you’re in an average-priced state. In some parts of the country, a pack of cigarettes costs more than double that, because of state taxes. Could you imagine spending four thousand dollars a year to smoke? What else could you be doing with all that money?

Thankfully, this is where NuvoCig comes in. The basic NuvoCig starter kit costs forty dollars and includes one five-pack of cartomizers, or just over ten packs worth of cigarettes. Yes, ten packs for forty dollars, that’s just four bucks each, already cheaper than an average pack of smokes. And that’s not even counting the cost of the e-cig itself! Two weeks worth of smoking and you’ve already saved money!

But the real question- how does that money add up over time? How much are you really saving? Well, NuvoCig cartomizers are sold in packs of five, and each is good for just over ten packs worth of cigarettes. If you’re smoking about a pack a day, you’re buying about thirty packs, which will cost you about two hundred dollars a month, depending on where you live. If you’re just refilling a cartomizer though, a single five-pack will last you all month and halfway into next month too, for a mere twenty bucks. That’s about twelve dollars a month to keep your e-cig lit, versus two hundred for regular cigarettes, plus you get your choice of flavors! How do you pass that up?

Best of all, you can save even more by buying cartomizers in bulk. Buying five packs at once (twenty-five total) will cost you just sixteen bucks each, or eighty dollars in total, and will last for most of the year. Add in the free cartomizers that come with a starter kit, and that will cover about the entire year. To pay for that much in cigarettes would cost over two thousand dollars in an average state, and could be a whole lot more in some places.

So ask yourself, can you afford to spend two grand on something that you could get for just a hundred and fifty bucks instead? Even if you could, do you want to? Think of all the other fun you could have with that money, then go ahead and check out NuvoCig Starter Kits and see what fits your lifestyle. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Starter Kits vs. Disposables: Choosing the Right Electronic Smoking Device

We all want our first time vaping to be special. For your first time trying a NuvoCig electronic cigarette, the key to making the magic happen is finding the right first e-cig for you. With a choice between disposable electronic cigarettes for the timid, and a variety of starter kits for the future e-cig connoisseur, we can make everyone’s first experience perfect.

If you’re not sure about the e-cig experience and just want a sample, NuvoCig offers the best disposable electronic cigarette on the market.

  • The NuvoCig Disposable Electronic Cigarette is ready to smoke right out of the package, no assembly or special accessories needed.
  • It comes in two of the premier flavors- normal tobacco and cool menthol- so you get the perfect classic experience.
  • What really sets Nuvo apart from the rest though is that these disposable cigarettes last as long as three full packs of regular cigarettes, so you absolutely get the full, complete e-cig experience. Disposable samples from our leading competitors are only equal to about half a regular pack, but our revolutionary technology has raised the bar.

If you’re going to try your first electronic cigarette, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

For the sure smoker though, a starter kit might be the better investment right out of the gate. NuvoCig offers a range of different kits to suit your exact needs.

  • The standard NuvoCig Customized Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit includes your NuvoCig electronic cigarette, your choice of charger types, your choice of battery colors, and a five-pack of cartomizers, in over twenty strength and flavor combinations. To view our other kits, click here.
  • In short, everything you need to keep your new NuvoCig charged and ready to last through over ten packs’ worth of cigarettes.
  • The basic starter kit alone is not only a better invest than buying ten regular cigarette packs right from the start, but you get to keep the NuvoCig e-cig forever!

Even more exciting though, NuvoCig offers special upgrades to the standard starter kit, to get the most enjoyment possible out of your new e-cigarette. Options like a USB charger or bigger battery can help tailor the NuvoCig to your lifestyle. The Commuter Kit, in particular, is specially designed for the smoker always on the road. And for the ladies, the standard kit also comes in a Just For Her style, complete with stylish carrying case.

If you really want to treat yourself, or perhaps share the gift of NuvoCig with someone else, we would recommend the following:

  • The special Deluxe Kit comes with everything you need, plus an extra pack of cartomizers, an extra battery, and a cell phone-style charger, for full convenience.
  • The Deluxe Kit also comes in a Just For Her variety as well, and as a special offer, NuvoCig is offering a couples package, with everything you need for you both to enjoy the e-cigarette experience together.
  • The Deluxe Kit Plus includes everything from the Deluxe Kit, plus an extra pack of cartomizers, to try another exciting flavor!
  • Finally, the Premium Deluxe Kit is the grandest package of all, including three packs of cartomizers, a high-volt battery, a charger for every situation, and a stylish carrying case in your choice of colors.

With a disposable pack size or a starter kit for every situation, NuvoCig has the vaping devices you want! When it comes to choosing your first electronic cigarette, we want your first choice to be one to remember.

What Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Strength Should I Get?

Nuvo offers electronic cigarette cartomizers in five different levels of nicotine. Which one is right for you? Let’s take a look.

  • Super High (36 mg of nicotine): For the strongest sensation
  • High (24 mg): The smoker’s first choice
  • Medium (18 mg): The first step to overcoming your cravings
  • Light (12 mg): The light taste of the flavor
  • Very Light (6 mg): The lightest, if you want just a taste
  • Non-Nicotine (0 mg): Clean and clear

A High-nicotine cartomizer gives about the same amount of nicotine in each puff as a regular cigarette, and contains almost as much total nicotine as a regular pack of cigarettes. A High cartomizer will probably be the best way for smokers who are used to smoking up to a pack a day of regular cigarettes to satisfy their usual nicotine cravings. For first-time Nuvo users, you might want to try a variety of different strengths to decide which one feels right for you, and this is the most popular place to start.

For a stronger sensation, the Super High cartomizer packs the punch you’re looking for. People who are used to smoking more than a pack a day can match their nicotine cravings with the Super High level. It’s also a good choice for people who smoke less frequently, and want to pack as much punch into those few puffs as possible.

If you’re trying to break a smoking habit though, a Medium cartomizer might be your first step. One of the best things about NuvoCig is the option to control your nicotine intake and with NuvoCig e-cigs, not only are you taking less nicotine, but you’re also keeping yourself free of the tar and chemicals in regular cigarettes.

Light cartomizers are the choice for light smokers. Only smoke “light” cigarettes? This is the one for you. Only smoke socially? This is the one for you. Only smoke when drinking (as so many do)? You’ll want the Light choice. It’s the best way to get just a hint of that nicotine fix, without indulging too much. Light cartomizers are also a great choice for people who smoke constantly throughout the day, so you can pace your smoking evenly all day long or a great final step to those who want to quit altogether.

And for those not looking for nicotine at all, NuvoCig offers a special non-nicotine cartomizer. With all the unique flavors NuvoCig offers, the experience is as satisfying as ever. For former smokers, this offers the comfort and sensation of smoking, without any of the addiction. If you just want a fun time, want to relax, or just want to look stylish with a fashionable e-cigarette, definitely give the nicotine-free cartomizer a try.

No matter what you want from your e-cigarette experience, NuvoCig can deliver. For everyone, from the lifetime smoker, to the social even smoker, to the “just a little taste” crowd, NuvoCig has what you need!

A Look Inside: Nuvo E-Cigars

If you are a cigar aficionado and have been following the electronic cigarette trend, you probably will be pleased to know that quality electronic cigars have entered the growing market of vaping products. The NuvoCig electronic cigar, or e-cigar, is our latest addition to the NuvoCig product line of vaping technology. The NuvoCig e-cigar offers cigar connoisseurs the superb sensation of smoking cigars, without the smell and nuisance of smoke. The e-cigar is a great change of pace!

How does the NuvoCig e-cigar work?

In principle, Nuvo e-cigars work just like Nuvo e-cigs. To understand how the Nuv e-cigar provides a powerful alternative to traditional tobacco smoking, it may be helpful to look at the basic anatomy of vaping devices. There are two main components to both vaping products: the battery body and the cartomizer tip.

Battery body: Both the e-cigarette and e-cigar mimic the smoking experience. And both devices rely on a battery and a liquid-filled cartridge to produce the vapor by-product that so famously characterizes the “non-smoking smoking experience.” When you inhale, the battery of your electronic vaping device is activated. The battery powers a reaction that transforms the liquid in the cartridge—a small, filter-sized vaporizing unit called the cartomizer—into a vapor that you can inhale.

Vapor-producing cigar-flavored cartomizer: Enhanced with flavor, the cartomizers for both NuvoCig e-cigarettes and e-cigars provide a unique burst of taste. The Nuvocig e-cigar e-liquid has been specially formulated to appeal to even the most discerning tobacco cigar enthusiast. Because NuvoCig recognizes that subtleties of taste and aroma define the quality of a tobacco cigar, NuvoCig has developed a signature rich aromatic blend for its e-cigar. The full-bodied taste is reminiscent of the pleasurable flavor of a genuine hand-rolled cigar. When you inhale, you can savor the e-cigar’s robust essence, just as you would a tobacco cigar counterpart. The thick, but quickly dissipating vapor creates a cigar-smoking atmosphere, without the irritants.

Slender design: Slim and authentic-looking, the NuvoCig e-cigar looks and feels like a slim tobacco cigar right down to the detail. The brown casing of the NuvoCig e-cigar has the look of an actual leaf-wrapped cigar. When you inhale, the LED tip lights up and resembles the lighted tip of a traditional tobacco cigar. The incredible physical likeness to real cigars is nothing short of impressive. With its slim design, specially crafted NuvoCig e-cigar is easy to hold and handle.

Like Nuvo e-cigs, Nuvo e-cigars are affordable, easy to use, and are ready at any time. This makes the Nuvo e-cigar a convenient way to enjoy the e-cigar vaping experience. The NuvoCig e-cigar comes in two versions: Original and Premium Rich Aromatic Blend. Both versions contain the distinctive Nuvo e-cigar flavor. The only difference between the two types is longevity. The original version lasts about 500 puffs, while the premium version can deliver about 1,000 puffs.

So if you are a cigar smoker and have been curious about the vaping trend, it may be time to try the slim NuvoCig e-cigar!