10 Things You Will Notice After Making the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

Most of us know the health benefits of quitting smoking. But are you wondering how the electronic cigarette alternative can help change and improve your daily life? Here are 10 things that you can look forward to after making the switch to vaping:

  1. More Energy: When you switch to e-cigs, your body will undergo a detoxification. Tobacco cigarettes contain numerous additives and chemicals. When burned, they create more than 4,000 chemicals that load the body with unnecessary toxins. Lethargy, lack of motivation, and other symptoms can result. E-cigs do not contain the additives tobacco does. Your body will not keep all those extra energy-sapping tobacco toxins in its reserves.
  2. Easier Breathing: Smoking tobacco cigarettes compromises lung function. Inhaling smoke reduces lung capacity and can lead to significant breathing problems. With e-cigs, your lungs will not be weighted down by smoke. After you have made the switch to electronic cigarettes, bounding up that flight of stairs might just get a little easier.
  3. Greater Control: The electronic cigarette alternative is a great way to monitor your own nicotine intake. NuvoCig cartomizers come in a variety of flavors—and nicotine levels—putting you in the driver’s seat. From high nicotine to zero nicotine content, NuvoCig e-cigs offer you a way to control and taper down if you wish.
  4. Fresher Breath: After smoking a tobacco cigarette, it is hard to disguise the stale breath. Even with mints and chewing gum, the mouth still carries that distinct aftertaste. With electronic cigarettes, you do not have to worry about that embarrassing breath—the vapor of e-cigs does not hang around and leave a residual coating in your mouth. In fact, the flavored NuvoCig cartridges may leave you with fresher breath!
  5. Social Benefits: Smoking a tobacco cigarette means you have to duck out to have that smoke. With electronic cigarettes, you will not be blowing smoke, so your social options will be broader—giving you more freedom to stay for the hilarious details of your friend’s story.
  6. No Tobacco Smell in Hair: Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, so you don’t have to worry that your hair or clothes will absorb traces of smoke. You won’t have to ’air out’ after enjoying an electronic cigarette.
  7. A Return of the Senses: Smoking tobacco products can dull your senses of taste and smell. With the switch to electronic cigarettes, food will be more flavorful and smells more noticeable. You may even remember why your favorite dish is really your favorite.
  8. More Money in the Pocket: Tobacco cigarettes are expensive, costing some smokers thousands of dollars a year. Electronic cigarettes and refillable cartridges can be purchased for a fraction of the price, even when you consider the initial investment of buying a vaping system set up. After switching to e-cigs, you will see big savings that will give a boost your monthly budget.
  9. Healthier Skin: Smoking, like overexposure to the sun, can accelerate the signs of aging and give the skin a grey hue. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, which reduces oxygen in the skin. Less oxygen contributes to less healthy and resilient skin. Because electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, people who vape do not inhale oxygen-depleting carbon monoxide. That´s good news for the skin!
  10. An Overall Sense of Well-Being: Cutting down on smoking—or quitting altogether—is a major undertaking. People who make the switch to e-cigs often report feeling an incredible sense of accomplishment. The rewards of a smoke-free lifestyle—from more money in the bank to better respiratory health—all add up to increased confidence.

Why Almost All Non-Smokers Like Electronic Cigarettes

For those who smoke, the switch to electronic cigarettes can signal in a significant lifestyle change. No longer bound to tobacco cigarettes, people who vape enjoy greater freedom and the numerous benefits of a smoke-free life. But what do non-smokers think about e-cigs? For many non-smokers, electronic cigarettes are a welcome, non-offensive alternative to tobacco smoking. Here are some reasons why almost all non-smokers like electronic cigarettes:

Non-smokers appreciate the elimination of smoke.

Very few people— smokers and non-smokers alike—would argue against smoke-free environments. We have grown accustomed to tobacco smoking bans in restaurants, bars, airports, and public buildings. And with good reason. It is a well-established fact that non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke encounter the same potential health risks as smokers, including cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. Because it is a known environmental irritant and a stealth carrier of harmful side effects, second-hand smoke tops many people’s lists of reasons why they support smoking restrictions in public places.

Non-smokers also complain that the smell of smoke can be intrusive, creating stale-smelling clothes and upholstery. We all know that tenacious stale smoke scent that clings to hair and clothes. When a non-smoker is surrounded by a friend or acquaintance who smokes, the smell can creep over like an uninvited guest.

Between the health concerns and the odor, the divide between non-smoker and smoker has become wide. With electronic cigarettes, the smoke factor is a non-factor. People who use e-cigs do not have to worry about the imposition of blowing smoke and non-smokers do not have to stand at an uncomfortable distance while a friend vapes. Instead, the conversation can continue when the electronic cigarette comes out.

Non-smokers are pleased to say goodbye to the ashy waste tobacco cigarettes produce.

For non-smokers, seeing ash and butts littering the ground is a visual displeasure—especially when the we are enjoying the beach, having a picnic, or taking in the scenery on a hike. The improper disposal of cigarette filters accounts for a significant portion of trash. In fact, cigarette butts account for up to 33% of litter in the United States and a whopping 28% of washed up litter on beaches worldwide. Electronic cigarettes do not burn, so they are not spent in the same way as a traditional tobacco cigarette. The most popular e-cigs are rechargeable devices, meant to be used over and over. As e-cigs grown in popularity, recycling initiatives for cartridges and batteries are catching on.

Non-smokers like the reduced risk of fire and other hazards.

Unfortunately, traditional tobacco cigarettes are a leading cause of fires globally. For those who have family members that smoke in the home, the possibility of an accidental fire can be anxiety-producing. And for anybody who has witnessed the devastation of a fire caused by the embers of a burning cigarette, the experience of a preventable tragedy is lasting. With e-cigs, non-smokers do not have to be on edge about anything burning.

Today, non-smokers are suggesting e-cigs to friends or family members who would like an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. For those who would like a way to monitor their nicotine intake, an e-cig is becoming the device of choice. Non-smokers will applaud the loss of smoke, smell, and fire hazard!

Vaping Etiquette

Do you mind if I vape?

If you ask this question, you might receive a few quizzical looks. Although electronic cigarettes are rapidly gaining traction with enthusiasts, many people are still not knowledgeable about e-cigs. In fact, at first glance, many people will not be able to distinguish between lighting up a traditional tobacco cigarette and inhaling the vapor that e-cigs produce. Visually, ‘puffing’ on an e-cig can look very much like smoking a tobacco cigarette.

This is, of course, by design. E-cigs were specifically developed to mimic the look and feel of smoking to provide adult smokers with an authentic alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking. But for those who are not familiar with e-cigs and vaping, the simulated smoking experience may cause some confusion—possibly annoyance. So what should you do you make sure that you are not offending anybody when you enjoy an e-cig? How can you ensure that you are not mistaken for a tobacco smoker when you exhale vapor?

To make sure you do not ruffle any feathers, you can follow some basic rules of vaping etiquette.

Ask before you vape. It almost goes without saying that most of us appreciate it when people are conscientious and considerate. It is a simple gesture to ask whether vaping will bother somebody, but a powerful one. It shows you are exercising care and aware that your actions might be bothersome to those around you. Today, we are accustomed to tobacco smokers asking permission before they light up in the company of others, or going to a place where their cigarette smoke will be out-of-range. Although vaping is not the same as smoking, it is still appropriate to ask before you vape. The need for good manners does not change, even when technology does.

Think of asking for permission to vape as a teachable moment. When you ask to vape, you have a unique opportunity to explain the difference between electronic cigarettes and traditional tobacco ones. You can take the time to explain how an e-cig works and why it is a part of your lifestyle. Some people may applaud the fact that you are choosing to go smoke-free, while others may remain wary and unconvinced. Whatever the response, you can take a minute to increase awareness about e-cigs and address concerns. Of course, it is important that you are prepared to answer questions and dispel any misconceptions. So the more informed you are about electronic cigarettes, the better the dialog will be!

Always be respectful of others. Most of all, be polite. If somebody expresses reluctance to be in your presence while you are vaping, be mindful of their wishes. Do your best to find a compromise so that you both feel respectful and respected.

As the public-at-large learns more about electronic cigarettes and their effects, the communication surrounding them will begin to evolve. By following some basic rules of e-cig etiquette, you can have a hand in making sure the conversation is civil and courteous.

Reasons Why More People Are Switching to E-Cigs

Are you wondering what all the e-cig buzz is about?

You may be reading about electronic cigarettes in the news. From New York to California and places in-between, more and more people in the United States are entering the smoke-free world of vaping. Electronic cigarettes are attracting new users and advocates every day, creating a growing phenomenon with legions of fans. So why are people making the switch to e-cigs? Here are some of the most popular reasons:

Fresh air. People who choose electronic cigarettes can breathe with greater ease. E-cigs do not produce irritating, harmful smoke. The e-cig vapor byproduct will not hang thickly in the air like that tenacious, permeating smoke from burning tobacco. This is breath of fresh air not only for people who use electronic cigarettes, but also for those around them. And at home, there is no need to step outside to keep the smoke from creeping into and ruining the smell of fabrics.

Healthier. E-cigs are healthier compared to normal cigarettes. Our Nuvo electronic cigarettes stimulate the pleasure of smoking and are a safer alternative to nicotine intake by producing harmless and odorless vapor. This makes it is safe for you and those around you!

No clean-up. E-cigarette users are happy to say good-bye to tobacco waste. No ashtrays, no stale butts, the e-cig is clutter-free. Vapers do not have to worry about finding a suitable place to dispose of cigarette butts and other waste materials that result from spent tobacco.

No fire hazard. Unfortunately, many fires are started by cigarettes, both in the home in and in public places such as parks. Because there is no flame involved in using electronic cigarettes, they do not pose the fire hazard that traditional tobacco cigarettes do. People who vape instead of smoke can enjoy their e-cigs without the burden of starting a cigarette-related fire.

No tobacco stains. We have to admit, vanity does play a role in the e-cig choice. Smoking tobacco can discolor the teeth, making a lovely smile lackluster. Electronic cigarettes do not have the staining agents that tobacco does. This is excellent news for those who want to maintain a bright smile. Not only that, e-cigs will not ruin your breath. When compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigs are more smile-friendly.

Simple economics. The cost of cigarettes has skyrocketed, especially in states that impose a high tobacco tax. Depending on where you live, a pack of cigarettes can cost $5-$12 a pack, potentially translating into a hefty monthly tobacco cigarette budget. Some smokers spend thousands of dollars a year on tobacco cigarettes! E-cigs are far more cost-effective. Puff-wise, a pack of Nuvocig cartomizers (about $20) equals about ten packs of traditional cigarettes (about $50-$120). That means more money in the pocket at the end of the month.

New social attitude. For people who smoke, e-cigs can be a fun, sociable way to replace the traditional tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarette specialty shops and vaping lounges are popping up in cities, creating new opportunities to meet people and cultivating a new social attitude. These vape-friendly establishments are being frequented by people who enjoy the flavorful pleasures of electronic cigarettes.

These are just a few of the reasons people have made the Nuvocig switch! Are you an e-cig proponent? What inspired you to make the change?

Not All E-Cigs Are Created Equal

New electronic cigarette brands are popping up everywhere, but are they really equal?

Electronic cigarettes are the latest innovation for adults seeking an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. As more and more companies are rapidly entering the burgeoning market, you may be overwhelmed by the selection of different brands. And, as you might suspect, not all electronic cigarettes are created equal. To ensure you are buying a high quality e-cig, we suggest doing some product evaluation before purchase. Here are some questions you may want to consider before you vape:

  • Where is the electronic cigarette brand sold? Online purchasing is highly economical, but the more reputable electronic cigarettes are also sold in retail outlets. E-cigs that are sold in retail environments are held to higher standards than those sold exclusively online. If an electronic cigarette brand is only sold through limited channels, you should be cautious.
  • Does the e-cigarette brand have adequate product documentation? You should be able to easily access information about product safety, quality control, and any user guides. If you are left with questions or concerns about how to use the product, you should be able contact a customer service representative.
  • Does the e-cig company provide information about the e-liquid, including the constituent ingredients? The e-liquid, which is contained in the cartridge, is the most important part of the electronic cigarette experience. It is the element that is transformed to the inhalable vapor that delivers the flavored throat hit. Constituent ingredients and the level of nicotine should be readily available. NuvoCig water-based e-liquid contains propylene glycerol, food-grade flavors, and nicotine. Nicotine-free e-liquid is also available.
  • Is the electronic cigarette manufactured with standards controls? Unfortunately, some electronic cigarettes are hacked together, or are modified devices. Mods, as they are called, are not subject to the fabrication standards that are in place for the production of quality electronic cigarette devices. To ensure safety and proper functioning of an e-cig, all components of the e-cigarette should be manufactured to work together, as a single device. If replacements to original components are made, the product cannot be guaranteed.
  • Does the company have good customer service? Excellent customer care can set one electronic cigarette brand apart from the others. As people make the switch to electronic cigarettes, outstanding customer service is especially important. When you call customer service, your questions should be answered by knowledgeable customer care professionals who can provide the latest information about product use and safety. If you encounter a problem with the e-cig product, you should feel confident that the product warranties will be upheld.

Once you are confident that the product is safe, you should then consider the vaping experience. For those who vape, it is important to find the e-cigarette product that gives the most pleasurable non-smoking moment.

  • How does the e-cig feel in your hands?
  • Do you like the flavors that are available?
  • Does it produce a satisfying vapor?
  • Is the battery durable and long-lasting?

Your choice of e-cig should be an informed one. Make sure that the e-cig product adheres to the strictest manufacturing standards and that the e-liquid is not a mysterious brew. You should feel comfortable about the vapor you inhale.

4 Common E-Cig Criticisms & How To Answer Them

With the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, the public debate about them has taken center stage in the media. At NuvoCig, we thought we would respond to four common criticisms related to electronic cigarettes.

Criticism #1:

“Electronic cigarettes are just as toxic as tobacco cigarettes.”

The response: Because using an e-cig simulates the smoking experience, it is sometimes “seen” as smoking. It is important to be aware of the fundamental difference between an electronic cigarette and a traditional tobacco cigarette. As a result of inhaling smoke, cigarette smokers have lower level functioning lungs and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, it is well established that traditional tobacco cigarettes contain chemical additives that are harmful and carcinogenic when inhaled. In contrast, e-cigs contain virtually none of the numerous ingredients that traditional cigarettes have. The vapor is a byproduct of the heating of the flavored e-liquid. The NuvoCig water-based e-liquid contains food grade flavoring, propylene glycol (a common additive in consumable products and pharmaceuticals formulations), and different levels of nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are not risk-free, however. But most researchers agree that vaping an e-cig is far less dangerous than puffing traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Criticism #2:

“Electronic cigarettes are a gateway to tobacco smoking, specifically marketed to youth.”

The response: Many critics of e-cigs claim that flavored e-juice cartridges make them more appealing to teenagers and young people. Moreover, once a young person has tried an e-cig, the argument goes, he or she is more likely to try a traditional tobacco cigarette. In e-eig product development, the introduction of different flavors does not necessarily reflect a marketing ploy to target a younger demographic. Because of the unique construction of an e-cig device, it is possible to go beyond the taste limits of traditional tobacco cigarettes. As the e-cigarette product has been developed, companies are differentiating themselves with signature flavors. At NuvoCig, we view it as a way to give adult smokers a novel incentive to try and switch to e-cigs. As far as an e-cig serving as a gateway to traditional tobacco cigarettes, some preliminary studies, such as one conducted at the University of Oklahoma, indicate the inverse. Most users of e-cigarettes seem to be using them to reduce the harm of smoking tobacco products. NuvoCigs are intended for adults over the age of 18 who are seeking an alternative to smoking. Sales to minors are prohibited.

Criticism #3:

“Electronic cigarettes produce a vapor that is as harmful to bystanders as second-hand smoke.”

The response: Whether you are smoker or a bystander, tobacco smoke, a harmful combination of gas and particles, enters the body via the same route. Therefore, a person breathing second-hand smoke is breathing the same mixture of thousands of chemicals and nicotine as the person actually smoking. As mentioned, electronic cigarettes do not contain the same toxins as tobacco cigarettes and deliver less nicotine in the vapor. Moreover, when a traditional tobacco cigarette is lit, it produces smoke, even if the smoker is not inhaling. With e-cigs, no vapor is produced unless the person inhales, thereby activating the vaporizing reaction. When vapor is produced, it dissipates quickly.

Criticism #4:

“Electronic cigarettes are less affordable than traditional tobacco cigarettes.”

The response: While it is true that the start up costs for electronic cigarettes is significantly higher than a single pack of tobacco cigarettes, those who choose to vape over smoking can count their savings over time. Electronic cigarettes actually cost a fraction of traditional tobacco cigarettes so there is no need for sticker shock.

These are just some of the criticisms you may encounter if you are discussing e-cigs with friends or family. The best response is the informed response, so keep up with the latest news and research related to e-cigs.

The Science Behind Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, were specifically designed to simulate the pleasure of smoking—the enjoyment of the inhale and the exhale, the tactile sensation, the gestures and taste—and to provide a safer alternative to nicotine intake. Traditional tobacco cigarettes produce harmful smoke and hazardous tar due to the burning process, or combustion. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes produce a vapor instead of smoke. But how, exactly, do they work?

From Liquid to Vapor: How Electronic Cigarettes Work

Simply put, e-cigarettes harness the reaction that occurs when liquid meets heat. Electronic cigarettes have three basic components— a battery, a liquid-containing cartridge, and an atomizer—which together form a vaporizing system. The battery, like a flame, provides the energy that starts the reaction. When the battery is activated, the atomizer component heats the the flavored nicotine-containing liquid, also known as e-liquid or smoke juice. Due to the heat, the liquid is vaporized into an odorless aerosol mist, which mimics smoke. Like smoke, the vapor can be inhaled, providing a throat hit of nicotine, with a hint of flavor. In this way, e cigs offer the sensation of smoking. However, vaping, as it is called, is the unique smoke-free ecig experience.

With NuvoCig, the e cigarette cartridge and the atomizer are conveniently combined into one component, called the cartomizer. NuvoCig cartomizers come in a variety of flavors, including traditional tobacco and menthol. For somebody who vapes ecigs, sampling flavors can be a source of adventure and enjoyment. The NuvoCig menu of cartomizer flavors goes beyond the ordinary, opening the palate to fruity tastes and spicy delights. Even better, cartomizers come in different nicotine strengths, from high to zero.

An e-cigarette does not burn. As a result, the device does not generate the irritating, chemical-laden smoke that is detrimental to the respiratory system and health of smokers and bystanders alike. The odorless vapor does not settle into clothes and there is not stale aftertaste. Based on a battery and liquid, an e-cigarette offers a true alternative to the unpleasantness and danger of burning tobacco.

Electronic Cigarette Dictionary / Lingo

What exactly is vaping? And why is it called that? If you are new to the electronic cigarette or e-cig world, you may be trying to wrap your head around all the terms. Indeed, as more people are opting for e-cig alternative, an entirely new lingo is emerging. To help orient you, here is an e-cig dictionary of terms.

Cartridge / Flavor Cartridge

NuvoCig rechargeable e cigs have two components, a replaceable cartridge and a battery. The replaceable cartridge contains a flavored e-liquid (see below) that produces a vapor. When the cartridge is empty, all you have to do is twist it off and twist on a refill. One NuvoCig cartridge can last for hundreds of puffs.


Cartomizer refers to a single component that contains both the e-liquid cartridge and the atomizer (cartridge + atomizer = cartomizer). The atomizer converts the e-liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled. Some e-cigarette models have separate cartridge and atomizer components. With NuvoCig cartomizers, both are contained in one convenient unit.


Disposable NuvoCig e-cigs are the convenient on-the-go option. Disposables contain the battery, atomizer, and e-liquid in a single unit. No assembly is required and you do not have to replace the cartridges. A disposable e-cig lasts about 500 puffs and can be discarded once it is finished.

Electronic Cigarette / E-Cig

Electronic cigarettes are smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes. Powered by battery, e-cigs convert a flavored nicotine liquid to an inhalable vapor. No matches, no lighter, no smoke. NuvoCig e-cigs are made of lightweight metal and glowing LED tips, which come in a variety of colors.


E-Liquid also known as smoke juice or e-juice is the vapor-producing liquid contained in the cartridges of ecigs. A mixture of water, flavoring, and nicotine, e-liquid vaporizes when heated by the battery. When you puff, the battery is activated, and you can then inhale the flavored nicotine vapor. From traditional tobacco to cherry to Atomic Fireball, NuvoCig e-liquids come in a variety flavors. You can also choose the strength of nicotine—or go completely nicotine-free.

Rechargeable E-Cigs

A rechargeable e-cig contains a reusable battery that can be recharged with a wall adapter or USB adaptor. With NuvoCig long-lasting rechargeable e-cigs, only the cartridges need to be replaced. Rechargeable e-cigs are an increasingly popular choice for consumers, giving them a flexible and economic nicotine alternative.


Vaping refers to the electronic cigarette simulation of traditional cigarette smoking. Although the enjoying an e-cig mimics the sensation of smoking, it is not the same as smoking. This is because an e cigarette does not produce smoke, it produces an inhalable vapor. Vaping, a new, more accurate term was coined to make this distinction. Somebody who uses e-cigs is a person who “vapes.”