Which Electronic Cigarette Should I Buy?

Electronic cigarettes or ecigs are the latest alternative to smoking, but which one is right for you? With the ecig industry on the rise, there is an ever-increasing range of choices. From disposables to e-cigars, today’s market choices make it possible to customize your ecig experience. Maybe you are a smoker who is making the switch to electronic cigarettes. Or maybe you have already tried ecigs and simply want to become more knowledgeable about what type of ecig is best suited for your tobacco-free life. As you sort through the options, you may want to consider how often you smoke traditional tobacco or, if you are already an electronic cigarette user, how often you vape. To help you decide which electronic cigarette best matches your vaping profile, we have compiled a basic guideline.

Disposables: The Newbie

Recommended for: New to electronic cigarettes, light smoker or social smoker, anyone

If you are a new to e cigs, the disposable provides an excellent entry-level experience. We often recommend starting with disposables to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of an e cig. For those who occasionally smoke or vape, the disposable allows you to enjoy an e cig with added level of convenience. Readily available in retail outlets, gas stations, and almost anywhere tobacco cigarettes are sold, the disposable e-cig can be purchased on the go and enjoyed immediately. And since disposables can be used at any time, they’re a great option for anybody!

Rechargeable: The Seasoned

Recommended for: Light to medium-heavy smokers

This electronic cigarette is rapidly growing in popularity. Comprised of two components, a replaceable e-liquid-containing cartridge (the ‘filter’ portion) and a rechargeable battery (the body portion), the rechargeable has built-in flexibility and longevity. It is intended for extended use. With the rechargeable e-cig, an individual who vapes can also broaden his or her e-cig taste experience. The replaceable cartridges make it easy for you to sample a variety of flavorful cartridges and because cartridges have variable nicotine levels, you can have greater control of your nicotine intake. The advantages of the rechargeable e-cig go beyond its flexibility. Over time, the rechargeable translates to greater cost-effectiveness. You can purchase a starter or customized kit, which includes everything you need to get started.

Electronic Cigar: The Specialist

Recommended for: Cigar smoker

If you love a great cigar, but could do away with the side effects of smoke, the e-cigar may be the specialty item of you crave. Designed to mimic a hand-rolled cigar, the e-cigar offers an authentic sensorial experience of aroma and taste. Its specially formulated e-liquid possesses the full-bodied and distinct flavor of a cigar. When you inhale, you can savor its essence, just as you would its tobacco counterpart. The e-cigar exemplifies a new level of sophistication in the electronic cigarette market.

In the end, it boils down to personal choice. As you become accustomed to vaping and more products are introduced to the electronic cigarette platform, you may adjust your preferences. Whether you are a loyalist to disposables, an advocate of the rechargeable, or an unyielding fan of the mix-and-match, you can look forward to the enjoyment of living smoke-free.