How to Choose the Perfect e-Cigarette Battery & Make it Last

So you’ve decided to purchase a new e-cigarette. Perhaps its your first time. Perhaps you had only been using disposable models before and want to switch to something that will be easier on your wallet and on the environment.  Whatever the case, it means you’ve got some shopping to do! Alongside the other components (including cartomizers, tips, and carrying cases), you’ll need to find a suitable battery.

E-cig Battery


A cursory Google search will give you a sense for exactly how many products are available. While the results can be overwhelming, there are several factors that can help you define exactly what you need. First of all, be sure to choose a battery that can be recharged. Many e-cigarette battery providers also offer USB or car charging equipment; consider these if you spend a lot of time in commute or at a computer.


Secondly, any given battery will have an amperage, listed in milliamp hours (mAh), which range in strength from 380-1300 mAh. The strength of the amperage corresponds directly with the length of the battery’s life, so if your habits dictate long periods away from a charging source, you’ll want to be sure to pick up a higher capacity battery. Generally, larger amperage also means a higher price as well.


You’ll also want to make sure that your battery is compatible with the rest of your e-cig equipment. It’s not an issue if you’re buying everything from the same maker, but be sure to read any compatibility information listed in the product descriptions. Incompatibility can cause overheating in the battery and will detract from the overall experience. Batteries bought from the original maker are also easier to verify as authentic, which should also be a consideration.


USB charger for e-cigarette battery

When you start using the new battery, be sure to take these steps to maintain battery life and functionality, including:

  • Not letting the entire battery drain before recharging
  • Unscrewing the battery from the cartomizer during long periods of inactivity
  • Letting the battery cool down after 6-8 puffs from the e-cigarette
  • Storing the e-cigarette in a carrying case away from strong magnets and debris


Follow these guidelines, and your perfect battery will stay perfect for a longer period of time. A good battery is certainly worth the investment, and like all investments you’ll want to keep it protected!